Big Brother loves you. In fact he loves you so much, that his U.S. Department of Homeland Security is spending its valuable time and resources to secure the border your Thanksgiving Turkey. That is right. The official DHS  Twitter feed has issued a warning: “How dangerous can turkey fryers be?” However, once again the free market once again upstaged Big Brother, providing a superior option on turkey fryer safety staring William Shatner. So not only did Homeland Security waste its time and hence money on something completely outside of its scope, but it once again proved Big Brother cannot complete with the private market without making it illegal.

On another note, do you realize the impact of this silly buy local foods “movement”, promoted by Michelle Obama. We can also lump the buy “organic” foods “movement” into here as well. Essentially both of these encourage buying food produced in a less efficient manner, which is in the long run hurt nutrition. See Freakonomics for more.

Finally, I am thankful for those in politics who actually stand for what they believe in, not for what the latest poll or shift in the wind tells them to believe in. I wish there were more honest men and women out there in politics, but unfortunately there are so few.

Have a fantastic Thanksgiving. Don’t get hurt too badly playing football this morning. Be sure to eat too much. If you need something to do with all the people in your house, review my game suggestions here (some are available at Target, all will be at  your local specialty game store).