No deal. The appointed Super Committee of Congress couldn’t reach an agreement on a way to cut 1.2 trillion dollars which will now trigger massive automatic spending cuts to Medicare and to the military defense budget. This is a new low for American government. I would argue that it is possible that this country and its government have not been this divided in over fifty years.

Three cents to the dollar, that’s how much this committee had to cut from the overall U.S. budget over the next ten years. In the past five years I believe just about every family in the country has had to cut 3% of their household budgets. The hand-picked twelve weren’t even close. This committee didn’t even come up with an actual written out plan. The twelve members of the committee haven’t met as a whole group in almost a month. That’s right, the not so super committee didn’t even bother trying to get a deal done and what is so sad is that not a single person actually believed that this deal would get done.

From the very beginning, the members of this committee used their time not to solve the problem but to frame their opponents for their inevitable future failure. Politicians have shamed the American spirit of working together; it’s a foreign concept to them now. Both parties have been playing political games instead of doing their jobs and this nation is hurting for it. Now both parties will work together on one thing, stopping the automatic cuts that they set up for themselves as incentive to get a deal done. This Congress has no backbone and instead of coming together for the better of the nation they have been hypocritical in their actions. Our President has been useless as he stood by idly and watched as nothing happened. Americans are angry and many of them are not taking this quietly. Communication to Congressional offices are at an all time high and protests are rising in every major city.

It is time to clean house with our government. When Obama and the Democrats went too far in the 111th Congress with their ridiculous spending and with Obamacare, Republicans countered by also going to their extreme with the Tea Party and the massive overhaul in the House of Representatives. The past decade has yielded us a polarized political system and that must end come 2012. Incumbent Democrats and Republicans have got to go. Americans should be demanding primary races for every single Representative, Senator, and even the President, himself. It is time for drastic action to take this country back. America’s politicians must come back to the middle if they want to stay in office.

Both sides said they wanted to go big, so why not come together and go big on cutting our debt. It is easy to say to win some votes but have they ever thought about actually doing it? Let’s talk openly about the possibility of ending the Bush era tax cuts, payroll tax cuts, and extensions on unemployment benefits. We should broaden our tax base; at this time we can not afford half of this country to be sitting on the sidelines. We can agree that we do not want more corporate welfare and loopholes. Let’s reform Medicare and use Paul Ryan’s budget plan as our starting point. If both parties put these ideas on paper then wouldn’t our country be better off? It may hurt some egos and blur party lines but our nation would no longer have this crippling addiction to the drug that China has been enabling us to get high with… out of control spending. Quitting isn’t easy, but it’s best for our overall health.