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Herman Cain peaked way back on November 3. Now his campaign is hurtling back to reality, just as Rick Perry’s did in early September. Soon Cain’s numbers will be back to where they were when he considered dropping out of the race before the sexual harassment allegations surfaced. Meanwhile, Mitt Romney has been the only non-volatile candidate and Newt Gingrich is now, without a doubt, a serious player.

As I have said before, barring some unimaginable gaffe, this is a two-horse race. Despite any previous false impression of Romney versus the AnyoneButRomney of the week, this time the two front-runners have been vetted during past national prominence or races. There are no surprises when it comes to Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney. Now, it is a matter of which non-authentic conservative the conservative base of the Republican Party will select, the guy who snuggled with Nancy Pelosi or the guy who gave us Romneycare.