While he still remains steady at 10% in the national polls, Ron Paul has begun to gain some traction in the polls of early contests in the race, such as Iowa and New Hampshire. If Paul were to finish well in both of these races, it could very easily catapult him into a position to challenge Mitt Romney for the nomination.

Specifically in Iowa, Paul has the support of a group home-schoolers who were at the forefront of Mike Huckabee’s stunning victory in 2008 in Iowa.

In a year when the Republican field is unusually fractured, with front-runners coming around as often as carousel ponies, Mr. Paul’s ability to mobilize niche groups like home-schoolers may make a big difference. His campaign, which has won a number of straw polls and is picking up momentum, has demonstrated its ability to organize and mobilize supporters, which is particularly relevant in Iowa, where relatively small numbers can tip the scales in the caucuses.

The question is, even if he can pull off a win in Iowa, will he be able to do what Mike Huckabee could not and take advantage of the victory?