If you say another black person looks like President Obama in a California elementary school, you can get kicked out for being “racist”. It really happened to fifth grader Grayson Thomas. Liberals have taken racism from a serious issue to a joke with the way they invoke it to fit their needs. This is quite unfortunate for victims of actual racism as they might not be taken seriously.

Have you ever tried to sell a useless device, praising its uselessness? Me either. But Brett Coulthard is giving it a go.

Finally, if the BCS has made late-season college football pointless for you too and you are looking for another diversion, I would suggest strategy games. My first recommendations are Dominion and Puerto Rico. Then when you get a little more into it, I would suggest Agricola and Power Grid.

Oh, and you can feel free to discuss politics here as well. Jason will be appearing on FOX and Friends Monday morning with the latest edition of the Power Rankings.