If the main issue in 2012 was social values, then this Dennis Prager column would be extremely relevant.

He makes the point that the Liberal left is succeeding quite handily at dismantling the very fabric of American culture and society, the very things that enabled America to be such a unique and wonderful country for these past 200+ years. (Is it really necessary to re-count all the things that have made America so ‘unique and wonderful’? The economic opportunities? The fighting for freedom without taking others’ land and resources? The industry, innovation, and medical discoveries, etc. brought about largely by an open-market, competitive environment that encourages and rewards risk-taking? And so much more.)

But like children born into privilege, people take what they have for granted. Human nature being what it is as well, people are often prone to “giving away the goods” with ‘other people’s money’ (through taxes or Governmental decree)—as long as it doesn’t impact them directly.

That, of course, is the Left’s fallacy: it does impact everyone directly, in the form of reduced economic opportunity and potential (as the possible “wins” are eliminated in return for attempting to guaranty that no one “loses”). Perhaps not immediately. Perhaps not you—yet. But it catches up and society pays, in all ways, as we’re doing now.

So in the short run, the Left will be quite pleased with itself as it “levels the playing field” and re-writes the rules of society that have made this country what it is. The Left will defend their actions and beliefs vociferously and rationalize every point with well-articulated (if somewhat illogical, non-fact-based) arguments. But as American culture, society and the economy continue to deteriorate past the point of no return, Leftists will be reduced to empty finger-pointing about the “rich” not paying enough in taxes or how just a “few more” Government programs could’ve solved everything.

That model doesn’t work. Western Europe is a harsh reminder of that. Point to another major population country/social model/economic system in history where a higher percentage of the population has done better than America in the past 200 years: Russia? China? India? The major Western European countries (France, Germany, UK, Spain, Italy)?

It is baffling that otherwise intelligent people can look at such obviously failed models and willingly want the U.S. to emulate those models. Not that America is perfect—it certainly isn’t. It’s just afforded more opportunity and parented more personal success than any other major social/economic example thus far.

But Obama’s “social justice” agenda has made such a predictable mess of the economy—taking a bad “inherited” situation and turning it into a far worse, no-way-out-in-sight debacle—that he has managed to totally obscure the damage he’s done to our culture. All anyone cares about is that they don’t have a job.

(BTW, it was a bad “inherited” situation primarily because of the PC-driven liberal policies that mandated unsupportable home mortgage loans for 20 years. The Community Renewal Act and the like. Liberal Governmental social engineering. They created the open wound. Over-zealous opportunists made the predatory loans that exacerbated the situation. But cause and effect are quite different things. The pieces for the housing disaster were put into place by PC-Liberal policies. Make no mistake and don’t re-write history.)

So this election is strictly about creating jobs in the near-term, getting the UER down from 9% to 5% within a few years.

That the economy was made worse by Obama’s idiotic “fairness and appearance” policies (Dodd-Frank, over-regulations on business, the threat of constant higher taxes, the cloud of uncertainty brought about by Obamacare, the EPA threatening to declare CO2 a hazardous substance and the chilling effect on business and hiring that that would have on equipment users that produce CO2, this whole latest cave to the environmentalists on the oil pipeline from Canada, and on and on and on…….) is all that matters to people.

But the underlying reason for these policies being put into place to begin with is because Obama is a committed Leftist and it’s his vision that America be “transformed” (his word) into a country that takes care of everyone through Government programs.

Leftists are in favor of that because it comes from someone else’s money and doesn’t affect them directly, at least that they can tell. But it does affect them, and when we fall, they’ll never put it together as to why.