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EDIT 4:25 pm EST: A new Public Policy Center poll has been released late this afternoon. It has Newt Gingrich in the lead at 28 percent, Herman Cain at 25 percent, and Mitt Romney at 18 percent. As noted in the original commentary below, PPP is a Democratic polling firm and has always had Gingrich higher than any other poll used in the PD Composite. Interestingly PPP also shows Jon Huntsman with his best showing, 3 percent, of any poll since September 27.

The impact of the CBS News and McClatchy/Marist College polls last week are clear in the latest Political Derby Composite Poll. Herman Cain and Mitt Romney are dropping as the number of undecided voters may be increasing substantially. It seems many Republican voters are still unsure of who to support.

Meanwhile, with exception of one Public Policy Center (a Democratic polling firm included in the Composite) poll from early October, Newt Gingrich has experienced his best two showings in these same polls at 15 percent and 19 percent, respectively.

Rick Perry’s downward fall continues but has stabilized some. We would not be surprised to see him level off in the “Ron Paul Range” of 8-10 percent. Bachmann, Santorum and Huntman are at this point running for administration jobs or name recognition for a future Presidential run. However, it may be that they “strongly believe” their donors like throwing money away, since that is what all rich Republicans do, right?