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National polls are always a difficult way to judge primary races, as the first primaries set the stage for and influence the outcome of the following elections. However, in current national polling there are four significant trends to watch in this Presidential race.

1. Herman Cain has been the most talked about candidate over the past week. However, his popularity is starting to drop, shown by the recent Rasmussen Poll where his lead over Romney was within the margin of error and the ABC/Washington Times poll where he is losing to Romney.

2. Mitt Romney is the model of consistency, hovering around the 25 percent line since the beginning of time, or so it seems. The question is, does this represent a solid base or is he Ron Paul, plus 15 points?

3. Rick Perry’s campaign is virtually over. With every debate appearance managing to outdo his previous calamity, his polling has been in an absolute nosedive. At this rate, he might drop out before Rick Santorum and Jon Huntsman.

4. Newt Gingrich has nearly tripled his Political Derby Composite percentage since the beginning of September. If he keeps this pace, he will be running neck and neck with Romney by the Iowa Caucus on January 3rd.

However, in politics it takes only one gaffe, one mistress in Argentina, one coverup, or one lost duel to turn a race upside down. This is why here at we will continue to have the latest polling data calculated into the PD Composite Poll and the overall Power Rankings available to fulfill your political needs.