Politico is blaming Cain, Cain is blaming Perry, Cain’s advisor is pointing at Curt Anderson, Perry is placing responsibility on Romney, and The Washington Times came out of nowhere giving Rahm Emanuel responsibility for leaking the story. Herman Cain’s sexual harassment scandal has sure turned into a whirlwind of accusations. Aren’t we missing the point though? Instead of focusing on the accusations shouldn’t we turn our attention to the allegations?

Seriously, who cares who the tattle tale in the class room is if one of the students vandalized someone else’s locker? The issue is the vandalized locker, not who told. It doesn’t matter who leaked the story or who the source is, what matters is whether or not these reports are true. The National Restaurant Association will decide tomorrow if they will allow the woman who claims that she was sexually harassed to release a statement about the incident. I truly hope that they allow her to do so because the American people deserve the facts and Cain is not offering them.

Cain has always had some sort of controversy hovering around him, usually about his bizarre statements. This is different though; this controversy is about something Mr. Cain has supposedly done. Doing something is always more volatile politically than saying something. When you misspeak you can backtrack and recant but not when you’ve done something wrong, especially if that deed is seen as immoral.

Sexual deviance has always been the taboo topic in D.C. With all the scandals that this city has seen, the country has developed no tolerance for this kind of behavior. In the new motion picture The Ides of March, Ryan Gosling’s character screams at his boss who is running for president, “You can lie, you can cheat, you can start a war, you can bankrupt the country, but you can’t f*** the intern.” This was my favorite quote in the movie. In today’s American political system you can be as corrupt as you want, as long as you get away with it, but you can’t be immoral. Is it hypocritical? Yes. This is why  the real story the media should be focusing on is whether Cain, a born-again Christian and social conservative, conducted himself inappropriately with three different women.

The next coming days will show how much of an impact this storm of a story will cause. The voting citizens of this country need to know the full truth about these incidents, not who told on who and certainly not the flip flopping explanations from Cain and his campaign team.