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A new Quinnipiac University poll released today gives us additional insight to voters opinions regarding the Republican field, increasing Herman Cain’s lead in the Political Derby Composite Poll. However, one important point to note is this poll was taken from October 25-31, so the potential impact of the Cain sexual harassment allegations are unlikely to have impacted it nor would his confusion as to whether China has nuclear capability.

The Composite Poll does provide several insights. Cain’s rise continues, but he is not taking voters from Mitt Romney, whose numbers have remained relatively flat. Cain’s improvement is actually coming largely at the expense of Rick Perry, and slightly from Michelle Bachmann, whose plummet into obscurity continues. It is also interesting to note that Newt Gingrich is now only 0.20% behind Rick Perry.

Over the next few weeks, depending on how the sexual harassment “scandal” impacts Herman Cain, we could potentially see Cain/Romney/Gingrich or Romney/Gringrich as the Republican leaders. Also, being only two months from the first vote in Iowa, speculation begins regarding who will be the first candidate to drop out.