I must admit that I’m not exactly surprised by the brouhaha currently enveloping Herman “The Hermanator” Cain. It could have happened, and most likely will happen, to any Republican presidential frontrunner. Lead the pack for more than a week and you’ll soon start taking fire from people you didn’t even know were gunning for you.

That said, I haven’t been very impressed with the “rapid” reaction response from Team Cain. He’s pretty much lived on Fox News for the past 36 hours or so, and between Bret Bair, Charles Krauthammer, the rest of the Fox All Stars to include Greta and O’Reilly, I can only come up with one description for Mr. Cain.

“Not Ready For Prime Time”

The blinding presidential primary spotlight illuminates everything about a candidate – specifically a conservative republican candidate. Stuff that a candidate thought was long forgotten and buried is suddenly (and oft times surprisingly) dug up, brushed off, and put on the evening news with only the most inflammatory details made public. Let me put it this way. If you offended your left-leaning prom date by ordering Filet Mignon for dinner, the Mainstream Media will make it look like you butchered a steer for dinner in front of a school bus full of kindergartners in a scene reminiscent of Misery meets Napoleon Dynamite.

Cain’s flatfooted handling of this issue – which in all likelihood is nothing more than half baked, baseless accusations which resulted in a financial windfall for the accusers – reminds me of what happens to defensive lineman when they charge through what seems like an open hole in the offensive line only to be blindsided by a pulling guard. Said defenders usually end up sprawled on the turf picking grass from their facemasks as they try to figure out why they’re looking out the earhole of their helmets.

Yeah. I’ve been there once or twice.

Politics is often referred to as an art, sometimes a dance, and occasionally a science. It is in fact all three. Perception is reality more often than not. The fact that Team Cain wasted ten days of 24 hour news cycles only to let their candidate come forward and offer a series of conflicting accounts about unseemly allegations is frankly unacceptable. Such operational missteps belie a lack of vetting, preparation, and strategery.

Cain’s performances on the various Fox News shows have been lukewarm at best. He hasn’t hurt his overall standing, but he hasn’t helped it much either. Frankly, if this is the best he can do with an attack that is baseless to the point it barely passes the smell test, I worry as to what he will do once the long knives come out and Team Obama starts taking shots at him aided by the megaphone of the MSM.

Simply put, punch drunk candidates do not in me inspire confidence.