Herman Cain apparently is benefiting rather well from the sexual harassment controversy stirred by Politico, who, like many liberal-leaning “mainstream” outlets, is using the most unflattering photographs of a conservative or Republican it can find. According to the Washington Times and Human Events, Monday turned out to be the largest one-day fundraising total of the Cain campaign to date.

The root cause may be as succinct as Jack Welch described it last night:

I find it ironic that the Pres Clinton idolizing media is now attacking Herman Cain based on an allegation of sexual harassment

Or it could be how this entire scenario does not make very much sense. The timing of the sexual harassment disclosure is all-too-convenient as a non-career politician conservative who threatens the establishment and the “conservatives are racists” storyline pursued so vigorously by the liberal-leaning mainstream media has taken the lead in the most recent national polls and the Political Derby Composite.

Furthermore, when you consider that the settlements for the two women–who refuse to come forward–reported by Politico were “separation packages that were in the five-figure range”, it makes you pause a bit longer. If there was a real harassment situation, it is very hard to believe that a five-figure payout in this, the most litigious society on the planet, would have been sufficient.

Look, it might have happened. If did, I will retract every harsh word I have written or implied towards Politico. However, the situation as Politico has presented it, does not make sense. Instead, based on the fundraising numbers alone, it appears to have created a rallying cry for Herman Cain standing opposed to the media already seen by the conservative base of the Republican Party as deeply slanted toward and invested in the left.