The headline above is the headline of an Obama Administration press release distributed only a few minutes.

I do not care what the issue is, the attitude and actions of legislating by executive order rather than by the process established by the Constitution is wrong. The President of the United States dictating laws from his desk are the actions of just that–a dictator.


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  • Joyce A (East of Eden)

    We were talking about his over use of the XO last nite, and both agreed that if this was GWB or any other Repub, the press would be having kittens about usurpation of power and other similar themes. We already know, because he’s said it, that Congress gets in the way. Checks and balances, seperation of powers…who needs ‘em!

  • Steve M.

    The XO orders the actions of the FDA, which is an Agency Department of Health and Human Services, a Department of the Executive Branch … Obama is well within his rights to use the XO as a means on this issue.
    I am not for use of the Executive Order beyond the Executive Branch — whether by Bush, Obama or anyone else. But this is the intended purpose of the XO.

    • Scott A. Robinson

      Since there are essentially no limits as to what government can regulate with the typically excuses such as “safety” and since those regulations all come through the various federal agencies, then sure, using your logic, the Executive Order could be used for anything.

      Any way you look at it, the administration is bypassing Congress–by their own declaration–and creating new laws in a way not intended by the founders. FDA rules have nothing to do with the everyday operation of the Executive Branch. In this case, it has to do with how the market functions in regards to these particular drugs.

    • Stephen

      Just because he has authority in the executive branch doesn’t mean he can use executive order to supplant congress. The legislative branch makes the laws. The executive branch implements the laws. It does NOT create it’s own laws through executive order. Executive orders exist to direct the executive branch how to implement the laws on the books – not to create those laws.

  • The Gallant Gallstone


    “It was wrong when Bush did it too…”

    we just don’t scream and rage when Republicans do things wrong because we are ideologically driven to maximize the mistakes of our enemies and to minimize the mistakes of our allies.

    • Scott A. Robinson

      Except I just did. I have mocked Romney endlessly for his announced plan to unconstitutionally use the executive order on “day one” of his Presidency. Anyway, the general “Republican” ideology is far from my ideology. But nice attempt.

  • Scott A. Robinson

    Don’t make this an Obama versus Bush thing. It was wrong when Bush did it too and it will be wrong if, for example, Romney is elected and uses the executive order to invalidate Obamacare.