Potentially damaging? Or much ado about nothing?


  • http://accessiblemediaone.blogspot.com/ accessiblemediaone

    Forget the sexual harassment charges, that’s not the story here. I’m more interested in how a presidential candidate handles a crisis.

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    This is really the best of all possible worlds for Herman. At least no one is asking him to explain 9-9-9 or answer any pesky foreign policy questions.

  • Troy La Mana

    Like a lot of organisations, they paid the women off. It doesn’t mean that the allegations were true.

    If what Cain said is what happened then I don’t think it rises to any sort of harassment. I’m not saying that there isn’t harassment in the workplace but, I think there is a lot of false reporting and trumped up charges. It got so bad that at one point I didn’t dare look at a woman cross-ways, let alone say anything beyond work related conversation.

  • Alaina Segovia

    The thing that bothers me that this point (since I’m holding out my judgement until I know a little more concrete information) is that he has not address it yet. He needs to do that soon or he’s toast… The more time that lapses, the more speculation will be made, the more damaging the story whether it’s true or not.

    • http://scottslant.blogspot.com/ Scott A. Robinson
      • Alaina Segovia

        I saw that… it makes me feel a little better… not to mention the fact that Politico won’t discuss any details beyond what was in the article. Which, to me, means this is a bunch of BS.
        I’m always hesitant to rush to judge because I know a really good guy that was almost ruined (career, marriage and kids) because some women felt like they were passed over and colluded to get revenge. Luckily, in his case, the truth came out.
        Plus, the fact that the National Restaraunt Association paid these women to go away doesn’t say much to me. If there was any evidence whatsoever, they likely would have fired Cain.

      • Steve M.

        I’m not sure I buy his entire explanation. He didn’t know that these women received a payout by the National Restaurant Association, due to his alleged actions while he was the head to the Association. Something doesn’t add up…
        That being said, Alaina, my gut instinct on this is that you’re right … this was small potatoes and the women were paid to go away, because the bad press, etc. (even if the allegations were untrue) would cost more than their “five figure” settlements.

  • dw

    We probably should wait to sentence him until the facts actually come out in the alleged case. You know, that little detail called, “innocent until proven guilty”.

    Until then, he’s still got my support.

  • Rick B.

    For this reason, someone who is serious about running for president needs to have held elected office. Sure, you still get surprises but the low hanging fruit (in Cain’s case, apples and oranges) has usually been picked by previous opponents.

    • http://scottslant.blogspot.com/ Scott A. Robinson

      What does having held elected office have to do with whether a person sexually harassed someone or not?

      • Rick B.

        Absolutely nothing.
        However, running in previous lower-level campaigns increases the odds of things like this being uncovered, a sort of vetting process. Running a primary campaign for a senate seat doesn’t quite draw the sharp attention that one gets while running for the presidency.
        Clearly there are still scandals and “October surprises” that plague even veteran politicians. Bush 43’s DUI, for example.

  • http://scottslant.blogspot.com/ Scott A. Robinson

    This will be damaging, no doubt about it. Whether there was actually any misconduct we will never truly know. However, does it not seem all too convenient that these things pop up at the most inopportune times for a candidate? Cain has weathered a sub-par debate performance to remain on the top of the most recent polls, so now a potentially crushing blow is delivered. Perception is politics and timing is everything.

  • Whodat

    There once was a woman named Anita
    Who claimed Clarence Thomas a cheatah
    He, after her thrill, claimed Ms. Hill,
    Before a nominee for Supreme Court seat-ah.

    Oh my, salacious indeed was her tale
    ‘Bout the bawdy lust of this male
    “Pubic hairs on a coke can, did this man”
    Said she, but her misrepresentations did fail.

    For he was given his Supreme Court seat
    More conservative he that most you’ll meet
    Libs respect lack for a conservative black
    But, for whites, its politics quite neat.

    In cases like Cain’s now accused sin
    I always wonder, “Where have they been?”
    They saw no need to shout what he’s about
    Until now? Hey, This is Hill/Thomas over again!

    • Brian H


    • Steve M.

      Except it’s not a case of “Where have they been?” They promptly brought the complaints against Cain to colleagues and senior officials, they quickly left their positions and received payouts shortly thereafter.
      Politico is simply reporting the story now after digging it up and confirming the identity of the women. They aren’t the ones out and about, just now alleging. Totally different situation.

  • Alaina

    It’s definitely potentially damaging.
    These things are always tough to judge… I’ve been in those situations a few times where I didn’t report it and had to ask the guy to stop and, at a former firm, I’ve seen the flip side where a couple of women felt like they got passed over and went to HR with a sexual harassment complaint that was completely bogus.
    Time will tell…

  • Brian H

    It’s a two horse race, Republicans. Who do you want representing the party in the general election? Romney or Perry?

    • Rob

      LOL, Perry is dead brother.

  • Brian H

    This is damaging, along with his camps other mishaps. This is what happens when someone who never expected to be in this position is immediately elevated to “contender” status.
    Not sure what would possess someone who has such allegations in their background to ever seek a run for President.

  • Jacosta

    After reading the article…at first glance – this does not look good for Cain! While I do admire and appreciate Cain, if there are confirmed pay-outs to two women who alleged sexual misconduct, then this could spell trouble for his campaign quickly! We not only need a social, fiscal, foreign-affairs leader who is conservative…we also need a moral leader!