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  • Whodat

    I have three daughters and they never did an ad for me! Of course, I was never a candidate at 0%
    in the polls. I guess they figured it couldn’t hurt.

  • Red State Eddie

    I thought smokin’ was in reference to the females in the ad. My bad.

    The best thing out of the Huntsman campaign since, well…yeah, you get the idea.
    Good sense of humor. Still losing and irrelevant.

  • Rochelle

    Honestly, I think the ad is just like the candidate- snarky and rude.

  • dw

    Love it! The second daughter even got the silly head shake going. And, the bubbles…!!! :-) But, where is Huntsman’s profile and grin?

    You gotta love the internet campaign age. For next to nothing, you can get this stuff viewed by an unlimited audienced – much better than TV.

  • Stephen

    What’s the point of an ad if it doesn’t give you any reason to vote for the candidate? Watching this was painful.

  • Troy La Mana

    So it’s a parody of the minor Cain ad that was forgotten about days ago by a candidate that was forgotten about months ago. Meh.. double Meh.

    • Rob

      Sounds like you’re getting a bit touchy Troy.

      Anyone who thinks watching this was “painful” probably doesn’t have a sense of humor. Funny satire.

      • Troy La Mana

        Not touchy, I just think it’s stupid and does nothing to help a campaign that is beyond help.

        • Rob

          I’m fairly sure they don’t think it’s going to help their campaign, Troy.

  • http://scottslant.blogspot.com/ Scott A. Robinson

    I couldn’t get past the mustaches. I know they were meant to be funny, but they are kind of gross.

  • Joyce A (East of Eden)

    At least they’re not taking themselves too seriously. Megahn McCain could take some lessons from these girls.

  • Promise Kept

    I found this more inspiring than the Cain ad. I will now give Huntsman’s campaign more attention than Cain’s, simply because Jon’s three daughters, in their fake mustaches, are cuter than Cain’s campaign manager in a real one.

    The bubbles were a nice parody touch. You go girls!

  • Brian H

    Very funny.

  • Stephen Fountain

    I was so hoping for the cigarette.