A guest submission from Rochelle Edvalson

Chuck Raasch put into words what all the pundits are thinking: Romney is the GOP’s back-up prom date. Okay, maybe, but why? In terms of electability, intelligence and ability no one disputes his credentials. He’s not exciting, but he is reliable. And he doesn’t make many mistakes, so he’s annoying to the press, who would like a good soundbite.

So will the GOP suddenly look at its current date, whoever that is today, and say, “Ewwww what did I ever see in you?” Do they turn away and looking over the field suddenly lock eyes with Mitt and realize, “He’s always been there for me.” Do they grow into love instead of fall into love? Meh, only if they live in an ABC after school special. However, I do think the GOP will dance. At the moment, the Left attacks Romney for being too far Right. The Right attacks Romney for being too far left. Considering that we are a center-right country, perhaps the former Massachusetts Governor is perfectly positioned to govern according to the wishes of the people.

One argument against the former Governor, that I struggle with, is that of political opportunist. Opponents call him a flip-flopper on the issues and in the same breath berate him for refusing to say his healthcare plan was a big mistake. How can you be a flip-flopper and a stubborn mule at the same time? Answer: you can’t. On issues, mostly social, where Mr. Romney gained new information and a new perspective, he changed his mind. That to me is a valuable assett- the ability to change an opinion when presented with new material.

On an issue, healthcare for instence, that he feels was handled correctly, he has not budged. You may not like his stance, but that has not changed his opinion. However, he does distinguish, correctly, between what is a State’s right and what is a Federal right. And even, staunch Ron Paul has acknowledged a State’s right to legislate. From the Republican perspective, which is a strong States Rights perspective, Mr. Romney is right in line with his party’s ideals.

The other argument against Mitt Romney is that he is a slick politician. Uh… duh! Either you have a plain speaking person, like Sarah Palin, or a polished speaker like Mitt Romney. After Palin’s dance with the media, wouldn’t you like to see someone who had taken a few ballroom dance classes representing the GOP instead? Slick politician, lately, is a derisive term for SMART! I don’t want a dumb president. I am not in any way calling Sarah Palin dumb! However, the media did do a good job of painting her as such.

In conclusion, I say, take out your dance shoes GOP, put a smile on your face and go to the dance with the guy who bought an extra ticket at the beginning of the school year, in the hopes that you would say yes.