This morning Jason Wright stopped by Fox & Friends to reveal a long-held secret on how to find a good wife. (He also updated the 2012 Power Rankings.)


  • Sammy Corrion

    Guten Tag,

    Du betreibst hier einen wirklich guten Blog zum Thema back on Fox & Friends | :-)

    Die Bundesbank schliesst die Auflage von Eurobonds nicht mehr aus. Diese bedeutet für uns gemeinschaftliche Kontrolle über die Haushalte der Euroländer, mit weitreichenden Durchgriffsrechten, sollten einzelne Länder die vereinbarten Vorschriften verletzen.

    Einfach ohne Worte!

    Diese Sache geht jeden etwas an! Ich habe Deine Blog… unter mister wong gespeichert.

    Sammy Corrion

  • Whodat

    I tuned into Fox because I like to start my day with Gretchen’s legs. I got Jason. My full reaction is in the next blog on the PG standings.
    Nice garb, Jason. Do you just park the cars at the funerals, or do you get to greet people and sign them in, too?

    • Jason Wright, Editor

      I’m assuming that’s funny to your demographic. (80 year old cowboy poets)

      • Whodat

        I do spend a lot of time alone. I must find ways to amuse myself. As you know, I do not read…

  • Jason Wright, Editor

    You’re both uninvited to the PD Christmas party.

  • Stephen Fountain, Editor

    I think Jason’s high school popularity was dependent upon the sample. Among seniors previously dated by Jason, his numbers were ugly. Even Obama could beat those numbers! Among seniors not yet dated by Jason his numbers were much better.

  • David Kaiser, Editor

    Although after the statement about his wife, his numbers with women have plummeted to an all time low, which is some feat considering how unpopular with the ladies Jason was in high school.

  • Stephen Fountain, Editor

    I checked his stats as a Power Dad this morning. Amongst Central Virginia 4 child households with pets named Pilgram, Jason has registered a definitive bump. The only question is wether this nominal improvement will go the distance.

  • Joyce A (East of Eden)

    Have your apperances on FOX helped your PD stats?