• Rochelle

    To be fair, Perry left such a bad taste in my mouth from the last debate, that I may not be completely impartial. However, this ad, doesn’t work for me. My attention wandered half way through. I hated how his name was on his hard hat. I know it was on everyones’ hat, but it looked so pretentious and staged. And I thought the music, while grand and emotional, was over the top for the content of the ad.

  • Alaina

    It was really annoying that the shot was tilted the entire time…

  • Troy La Mana

    I think it’s too little, too late. My initial response was, ” Meh! “

  • dw

    Too many angle shots – overuse of this artistic style. Too much jerky camera movement, fast push/pull, etc. I know it’s trying to simulate a personal recording, but the entire commercial like that?
    Oh, and the message of job creation, with a bit of reducing regulation was good.
    But, I don’t like the “Jobs Governor” title. If he’s making a series of commercials highlighting his accomplishments, it might fit. But, something just does not appeal to me in that title.

  • Stephen Fountain, Editor

    Stephen Fountain, Editor, is one of the many unseen powers that dwell behind the title He exists before, during, and after PD. Feel free to look here at his first post:

    It’s funny how time repeats itself. Is it not?

  • QPC

    The ad is nothing specatular.
    On another note, who is this “Stephen Fountain, Editor”? Another new contributor?