Instant analysis:

Romney still is the clear leader in this race. Sometimes he looks like he’s just humoring his children around him.

Cain did not look good. He clearly lost momentum. Saying “read our analysis” and “apples and oranges” over and over again did not explain his plan. When that is your explanation, people absorb what your opponent says.

Perry is on a downward spiral. He came out throwing hay makers at Romney that sometimes landed and at other times made him look petty and worse, desperate.

Newt is consistently a solid debater. He may have been the only one on stage to keep his cool all night. Because of this, he is likely the only candidate that gained ground.

Paul was Paul. He made some great, common sense points. Offered a couple of head-scratchers and ultimately he will get his 10% and disappear.

Santorum was trying to come up with something to make him sound viable, talking about being the only person to win an election in a swing state, despite the fact that his political career has basically been over since he lost in a swing state in 2006.

Bachmann was simply annoying. Her nasally laugh into the microphone throughout the debate and her yelling Anderson! Anderson! Anderson! was horrid.

Huntsman didn’t bother to show up. Not that it matters. We didn’t miss him anyway.