Herman Cain has released his thematic “9” responses to “9” criticisms of his 9-9-9 plan. Despite the candidate’s appearance of lacking depth on issues at times during the debates, the boldness and straightforwardness he speaks and writes with is absolutely refreshing. One significant factor that differentiates Herman Cain from the rest of the field is that we can be far more certain about what he stands for.

Here is a little taste:

Claim 8: Some people (like Herman Cain) who may live off capital gains, would pay no income taxes. Is that fair? Response: First, one of the benefits of the 9-9-9 plan is that, even if someone doesn’t pay much or any of one of the taxes, he or she is still likely affected by the other two. More to the point, though, everyone has the same opportunity to work hard, earn capital and put that capital at risk. Whatever I have earned has come from hard work, good decisions (and some bad ones), a willingness to take risks and a constant honing of strategy. Nothing is stopping anyone else from doing the same thing. I realize many are being told there are no opportunities available to them, but that is not true and I wish people – for their own sakes – would stop listening to such doom and gloom and come to understand all the opportunity that truly exists, and learn how to access it.

Cain’s explanations of some of the other issues raised with 9-9-9 are good reading. Let us know what you think.