The currently headline on Drudge Report seems to be an ode to our theme, as the most recent Rasmussen Reports poll has Newt Gingrich in third place. Remember, you can see the most current Power Rankings, as seen on Fox and Friends, here. We have Rick Perry in third, but Gingrich may very well move into show by the next edition of the Power Rankings, if the current polling trends continue.


  • Chris

    you really want him as Secretary of State? Your representative to the world?

    • Red State Eddie

      I thought the same thing about Hillary when she was nominated.

    • Gary Russell

      Newt as Sec/State?

  • Brian H

    Look for Perry to be the next horse to bail out.

    • Troy La Mana

      I would bet Bachmann bails first.

      • Brian H

        You might be right but at least she look like she is still in the fight with a desire to win. Perry looks like he can’t wait to return to Austin.

        What I do not understand is why a man who had to know he was not up to par would subject himself and his reputation to such obvious scrutiny.

        • Alaina


  • Troy La Mana

    I agree with RSE, Sec of State or United States Ambassador to the United Nations

  • Red State Eddie

    well, if you want to believe that Drudge is thinking of you… :-)
    Still not sold on Newt. I know he’s an idea machine, cranking out creative policies for public policy. But the limelight of either Pres or VP is going to be withering on all his mistakes and mis-speaks. I just don’t think he’d be the best in either place.
    Maybe chief of staff, sec-state, or Natl Security Advisor.
    I still like Paul Ryan as a VP to Cain. That is a ticket I could get excited about.

    • Scott A. Robinson

      Yeah…the Drudge part was a bit tongue-in-cheek :-)

    • Stephen Meehan

      Ryan as a VP to Cain makes no sense whatsoever to me. Ryan is economic guy — that’s the one and only thing Cain could label as his “strength.”
      You’d have to go with someone who’s a career politician, but fills in the blanks for Cain — and there are a lot of blanks.

      • Red State Eddie

        My rationale:
        In this election cycle, economy and domestics trump foreign policy, despite the Iran & China scenarios.
        Both men are strong in that area.
        Cain’s strength is business, which is a different leadership style than political. He’s weak in politcal leadership, which Ryan supplements with his own strength in Congress in that area.
        If we do not address the internal econ, jobs, and regulatory issues, the foreign policy piece will be easy – we will capitulate all over the map because our econ implosion from things like Obamacare cannot sustain our presence around the world. We will effectively withdraw from the world’s leadership stage because we can’t handle the “overhead”.
        There are still weaknesses to this approach, but I like the idea of maxing your strengths in this case to form a formidable team that Obama-Biden-Hillary can only quake at.

  • Alaina Segovia

    I think he’d make a great VP to Cain… he would certainly make up for Cain’s lack of political experience and you could make an arguement for his foreign policy experience.

  • TheRoll

    I still don’t think he wins, but could be be the new Dick Cheney as VP to someone? :)