Instant analysis: Romney wins big in this debate. Cain gets hurt by the additional exposure. It is obvious that Cain lacks depth in issues and advisers. Perry’s downward slide continues. I think he is just about done at this point. Spring boarding off of the Chris Christie endorsement, Romney is starting to pull away.

Update: After sleeping on it, I’m even more convinced on how big Romney won this debate. However, since it was so difficult to find, he likely will not get the immediate traction he otherwise would receive. Only political junkies, like those of us in Political Derby, sought out the stream of the debate. His move on playing the nice guy, throwing non-threat Bachmann a softball, in the ask other candidates a question round when everyone else was on the attack was genius. Over time, though, Romney will gain traction as the issues with Herman Cain are fleshed out, especially when articles like this where Politico directly rebuts him mid-debate are circulated.