I apologize for the late start Derby fans, but I’ll start the running commentary now. Hopefully the Hampton Inn wireless can keep up with the steaming throughout the debate!

Refresh early and often.

Newt goes after the media. Shocker. Newt is right again. Shocker.

Weird. This is a very early Santorum sighting. He is a solid debater.

I didn’t realize this was a “round table” debate. I really like this format. It feels more natural and comfortable. But maybe that’s because I’m a guy who works in corporate American, who is used to spending too much time around tables in conference rooms.

Nothing like the moderator’s ego. The candidates are having a great discussion on the problems and costs with Medicare. But the moderator thinks his questions are more important than the discussion. So he cuts it off, despite Bachmann’s strong comments.

The moderators are asking the candidates who they turn to for economic advice. Talk about a question that could hang someone. Romney doesn’t get a chance to answer, which is too bad, since once of his advisers is one of the most well-recognized and well-respected economists, Greg Mankiw.

Wow Romney. That’s an easy question: “Would another Wall Street bail out makes sense?” Romney answer: Essentially “it depends”. Right answer: Yes.

Romney did manage to get Mankiw in. Well done.

Romney continues saying “you don’t want to bail out anybody”, but does essentially say he things it may be necessary.

Cain supported TARP at the time, and is backpedaling immediately upon opening his mouth.

Rob, you can breath again. Ron Paul is getting time.

Seriously, who thought it would be a good idea for Bloomberg to host a Presidential Primary debate? I didn’t even know where to find it until one of the candidates I follow on Twitter tweeted it out.

Bloomberg trots out Reagan’s comments on “fair share”. The problems is, how do you define “fair share”? I define it as the same percentage is taxes for everyone. Liberal define it is take more from the wealthy who happen to be the investors that create wealth.

Does Rick Perry actually prepare for debates? He is awful!

Hey moderator lady, why are spending cuts automatically “draconian”?

Newt obliterates Charlie Rose’s stupid question, moderator is annoyed, says “alright”, and says “Senator Bachmann?”

And now the time comes for more scrutiny on Cain has began, which is a good thing. Bloomberg says 999 doesn’t work be they calculations. Cain says the problem with their calculations is that they are wrong.

The moderators are too stupid to understand that the corporate tax rate of 35% is simply passed on to consumers. Lowering this rate to 9%, would lower many, many prices, meaning the 9% sales tax would also be included, at even prices lower than today (with the 9% increase).

Bachmann nails the exact point I keep making on the problem with 9-9-9. The last thing you want to do is create another tax pipeline for the federal government because taxes pipelines don’t go away, they only increase in rates!

Nice. Perry makes a specific example of a manufacturer leaving China to return to Texas. Of course, there is usually more to it than one state reducing regulations, like the cost of labor continually increasing in China.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a crankier moderator. Charlie Rose is so awful!

Many of the candidates are talking about “what will pass”, which is a valid point. However, “what will pass” says to many people, “typical Washington politics that don’t really solve anything when we want real solutions.” This is where Herman Cain excels. But it also hurts him, because if 9-9-9 cannot pass, what is the point?

Now for the “Republicans tear each other apart round”, also known as candidates ask each other questions.

Bachmann goes right after Perry and being a Democrat before he was a Republican.

Cain goes after Romney, asking him to name “all 59 points” of his economic plan, saying it is not simplistic enough. It has turned into a softball question for Romney to sell all his economic ideas. Despite chuckles from the crowd based on the question, Cain blew this opportunity quite significantly.

Newt intentionally through Romney a softball question. Can you say running for Vice President?

Huntsman hates Romney. He knows he is the second place Mormon in this race, which he strangely and poorly even joked about.

*Ron Paul sighting*

Paul asks Cain to address auditing the Federal Reserve. I don’t think most Americans are that concerned or even care to understand the Federal Reserve system.

Now Rick “HPV” Perry goes after Romney on Romneycare. Romney will likely again use the constitutional 10th Amendment argument, which runs completely counter to his non-constitutional end Obamacare through executive order waivers.

Romney is slick. He managed to work Chris Christie’s name. Romney also delivered Bachmann a softball so he looked like a nice guy, rather than being on the attack. Throwing her a softball at this point does not really affect him in any way. Effective strategy.

Cain says a deterrent to his 9% sales tax from increasing is that he would be President so he wouldn’t sign it. I immediately though “you can’t be President forever” and right after that a hot mic picked up one of the other candidates saying those exact words on the way out to commercial.

It will be interesting to see how Cain polls now that he is a target. While he has significantly more attention paid to him, he is getting equal or more scrutiny. This scrutiny did not turn out well for Bachmann or Perry.

Romney say the President is “well-meaning but over his head”. I don’t think calling President Obama “well-meaning” will go over well with conservatives.

More scrutiny on Cain. Mid-debate, Politico posts this, on Cain’s only named economic adviser not being an economist. That won’t go over well in the days to come. 999 Cain continues to not have much depth on issues not called 999, which is scary in choosing someone to be President of the United States and Commander in Chief.

What an awful fallacious question! Why should the American dream be for higher home ownership? This is good for many, but not for all. You’re always worse off when you subsidize behavior not supported by the market!

And a phone call has stopped my blogging…. 🙂

Instant analysis: Romney wins big in this debate. Cain gets hurt by the additional exposure. It is obvious that Cain lacks depth in issues and advisers. Perry’s downward slide continues. Spring boarding off of the Chris Christie endorsement, Romney is starting to pull away.

Thanks for following along! We will do this again next debate!