It’s funny–the liberal MSM never even floats the idea that Biden won’t be on the ticket next time, for fear of the weakness it would accurately show and the Dems’ justified embarrassment over him. He keeps saying one stupid thing after another (follow link and click video).

I think it’s a real possibility he won’t make the cut. Does anyone think he might pick Hillary to try an 11th-hour “Hail Mary?”

Wouldn’t that change the dynamic! All of a sudden, you energize the women’s vote, you imply–very strongly– that Hill’s greater toughness and pragmatism would lessen O’s perceived slavish adherence to Far-Left, anti-Business ideology, etc, etc. She’s stronger than he is in every one of his weak areas. She would be thought of as assuming a virtual “co-President’s” role, and the liberal MSM wouldn’t do anything to dissuade the notion of that if that impression was helping the Dems’ chances.

Barack-Hill all of a sudden is much, much stronger and tougher to beat than Obama-Biden for, say, a Romney-Cain ticket. Especially if the economy is showing any signs of life at all by Labor Day 2012.

You heard it here first.