This seems quite obvious, but it’s still instructive to see it spelled out so clearly. For Cain to win, he needs Perry to continue self-destructing so he can capture the Anybody But Romney votes. I suspect Mitt Romney’s team would love nothing more than a head-to-head with Cain. Even with Perry’s fading track position, I guarantee they’d rather compete against Cain over the long haul.

Though Herman Cain’s success is regularly dismissed as a passing fad, Republican campaign strategists tell The Daily Caller that a narrow but navigable path to the GOP nomination actually exists for the former Godfather’s Pizza CEO.

The most likely scenario is for Texas Gov. Rick Perry to stumble and for Cain to firmly grasp the anti-Romney mantle within the party.

“A path exists but it lies in the elimination of Governor Perry as a candidate,” Republican strategist Chris LaCivita told The Daily Caller. “The only way Herman Cain in my opinion can emerge as a serious contender, is to surpass Governor Perry and demonstrate that he has the endurance to match the organization of Governor Romney.”

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