If each candidate were an NFL quarterback, which one would they be? That is a discussion I recently had with my good friend the other day. We disagreed on some but luckily I do not have to give his side of things with this post. Each candidate has a different approach to the 2012 elections and brings with him or her a different set of skills. The same can be said of every NFL quarterback in the league. Here is my breakdown:

Mitt Romney – Tom Brady

Now before you call me a homer, here is my explanation. Mitt Romney has done everything correctly so far in this campaign. He doesn’t give his opponents any chance to trip him up on his words. Romney, like Brady, doesn’t throw interceptions to the likes of Perry or Pawlenty who have tried so hard to catch him off guard. Brady is celebrated for how cool he is under pressure and Romney gives that same calm demeanor no matter what.

Rick Perry – Drew Brees

Rick Perry’s style could not be more different from Romney’s. Perry is a gunslinger and a shot taker. He walks into a room with his fists up ready to go but that does come with its drawbacks. Brees steps onto the field fired up but sometimes he tries too hard and forces his passes. Last season Drew Brees doubled his interceptions because he went all out, all the time. Perry came out of the gate firing on all cylinders but has stumbled mightily recently. He may throw a Hail Mary or he may get sacked, stay tuned.

Chris Christie – Ben Roethlisberger

Forget the fact that both of these guys are huge, thats just ironic. If Christie jumps in, he will be a force to be reckoned with. Big Ben was an immediate star as soon as he joined the league but recently he has been more bland. Christie has become a star for the GOP in a very short political career but I worry about his staying power. I have Roethlisberger on my fantasy football team and let me tell you, he hasn’t been a bust but he hasn’t been stellar either.

Herman Cain – Cam Newton

Do not say I chose this pairing just because both men are black. This could not be further from the truth. In fact, I tried my best to avoid this but the comparison is too good for me to avoid. No experience but thriving when their time finally came. Both of these men have surprised me. Cam Newton took over a terrible team and while the Panthers may still be pathetic it certainly hasn’t been on him. He has been a stud and is turning heads with his flashy plays. Herman Cain is doing the exact same thing right now with his bold lines and great sense of humor despite his lack of political experience. My prediction, both men will do great and pleasantly surprise us but won’t win.

Newt Gingrich – Matt Cassel

Does anyone else see what I see? Newt Gingrich doesn’t actually want to be President of the United States. I have always had the impression that Newt secretly just wants to be either a VP candidate or a Chief of Staff for whoever the eventual winner is. He is playing nice and even trying to stop the other candidates from bickering with each other. I bet you anything that Matt Cassel misses the days when he was Tom Brady’s back up now that he is struggling in Kansas City. Newt simply doesn’t want to be the starting QB.

Ron Paul – Kurt Warner

Consistent, unconventional, and heavily experienced. I admire both of these men very much but at this point in their careers, I wouldn’t want them as my starter. My respect for Ron Paul’s purity of thought does not translate into my vote. He will always have his loyal base, just like Warner, but he will never be considered top tier.

Just for fun…

Sarah Palin – Brett Favre after coming back from his 273rd retirement

Just go away! You are a distraction and have no chance. You can not stay away from the limelight so you get more and more desperate for attention. You tease us all and keep us waiting for your big announcement. You go away for a while then come back and suck in all the media attention. When will you just retire and stay retired?

You tell me, who was I talking to? I bet you can’t tell. That is how much Sarah Palin and Brett Favre remind me of each other.