Most of you already know I wear two hats. When I’m not debating politics with anyone who will listen (and many who won’t), I’m hiding in my office writing fiction in my Dennis Kucinich 2008 bathrobe.

Beginning today, I’ll spend much of the next six weeks on tour promoting my brand new novel, The Wedding Letters.

Now listen, I’m not going to beg you to buy a copy. But, if you don’t, I’m likely to slip into a paralyzing depression that could end with me supporting Huntsman for president. No one wants that, right?

My personal preference for online book buying is Amazon, but the book is also available at BN, BAM and at many traditional retailers.

What are people saying about it?

Whodat: “Let it be said, The Wedding Letters is the best book I’ve ever read. Don’t make me smack you in the head.”

Kaiser: “Eh, I’ve read better.”

Fountain: “You’re a writer?”

Robinson: “The Wedding Letters is the best book I’ve ever had to have my wife read to me.”

Promise Kept:: “The Wedding Letters would only have been better if Ron Paul wrote it.”

Gary: “Jason who?”

Brian: “Jason’s a kook, but the book is decent.”

Still need convincing? Watch this trailer.


  • Kc

    Uhhhh….tell me no one dies in it, please. The “learning to let go” in the sidebar descriptio/ad looks ominous!

  • Joe W

    Great Job Jason. Loved the book. I can’t wait to star in the movie.

  • Brian H

    JASON’S A KOOK… classic funny. You had me at “kook”.

  • Promise Kept

    First of all, let me say that it is an honor to be listed on your shameless marketing thread, albeit fictionally. I went to your linked site a couple days ago and watched the video there first. Truly touching and well done.

    I promise that I will pick up a copy before Ron Paul comes to speak in my area next, and if I can, I’ll have him personalize it and sign it for you, and then send you the copy. That way, The Wedding Letters will only be better with Ron Paul’s writing in it. I’m sure it reflects his family values perfectly, as seen in this video from his last campaign:

  • Joyce A (East of Eden)

    Is it going to make me cry? You cannot make the pregnant girl cry. :)

    Good luck with your tour.

  • Troy La Mana

    Well you and Michael Moore would have something in common Jason…

  • David Kaiser, Editor

    “Recovering Charles” is Jason’s best book based on the fact that there is a character named “Kaiser” in it.

    Never mind its also his lowest selling book.

    It’s still the best.