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The Obama administration decided to forgo its last lower-court appeal on Obamacare, leading to the next step in the judicial process. The Supreme Court will now have the opportunity to rule on the law. We all knew this we inevitable. However, I am surprised the administration/marketing firm has not tried to delay the Supreme Court taking up this case until after the 2012 election. For once they will make a stand and Americans will have clear choices. That is, unless Mitt Romney wins the Republican nomination and you don’t buy his recent love for the 10th Amendment, but that might be just what the Pennsylvania administration/marketing firm is banking on.

Additional analysis from Politico:

The move puts the Supreme Court in the difficult position of having to decide whether to take the highly politically charged case in the middle of the presidential election….

But former acting Solicitor General Walter Dellinger, who has worked on briefs in support of the legislation, said the move should be read as a sign of confidence from the administration.

“This confirms what I had already concluded: That the government is confident that it’s going to prevail in the Supreme Court and would like to have a decision sooner rather than later,”