Rep. John Fleming (R-LA) might think twice before agreeing to another appearance on MSNBC. What’s to be gained from discussing issues with an interviewer whose mind is the political equivalent of a black hole? Credit Fleming for trying, but he must realize that MSNBC is nothing more than an outlet for left-wing activism.

MSNBC’s Chris Jansing scolded Rep. Fleming for opposing Democrat tax policy. Jansing asked Fleming to explain his own high income — his business interests gross $6 million annually — but paid no attention to his answer. Fleming took more than his “fair share” and that’s all that mattered. The condescending Jansing continued to prod Rep. Fleming:

You do understand, congressman, that the average person out there who’s making maybe 40, 50, $60,000 out there, when they hear you only have $400,000 left over, it’s not exactly a sympathetic position. You understand that?

It’s difficult to tolerate someone so arrogant in their ignorance as Chris Jansing. An honest interviewer would’ve at least listened to Rep. Fleming’s explanation of how his gross receipts are dispersed, especially since she raised the issue. But not Chris Jansing; she heard from Fleming only what she wanted to hear. Like so many journalists she played the role of ideological puppet, as if the DNC had a hand in her back. 

Sadly, Chris is partially correct. Too many Americans aren’t sympathetic when a deceitful, immoral, and fiscally irresponsible ideology deploys government to steal their neighbor’s earnings. And I can give her one big reason why. Look around your newsroom, Chris. Then look around the newsrooms at the vast majority of broadcast and print media. Finally, Chris, look in your own mirror.

Journalism sold out long ago. Rather than providing balanced information, journalists promote a vision in which one person’s failure is the result of another’s achievement. The predominant American media now serves an ideology bent on expanding the State, making it no different from the operatives at TASS and Pravda during the Soviet Union’s heyday. You understand that, Chris? 

Thinly veiled media attacks on achievement are common and predictable. Thus the question isn’t how to reform the media, but how to undo the petty jealousies and animus toward achievement Democrats and their media apologists have created. As long as this mindset exists politicians will parlay class envy into electoral success, never fully explaining who the “greedy rich” are or what constitutes their “fair share.” 

Certainly Chris Jansing’s brand of journalism is secure in the First Amendment, wherein she and her colleagues can compromise their profession to their heart’s content. But there’s a funny thing about freedom; it runs both ways. Those of us in the great unwashed are equally free to criticize media propagandists whenever they’re encountered.

Achievement has its attackers. But let it be known this day, achievement has its defenders, too.