Let me ask you something. How well would a construction worker do his job if he was handed a scalpel for his daily responsibilities? Obviously not very well. This morning I was watching the construction going on across the street from my Foggy Bottom apartment and it reminded me of all the times I have heard we need to use a scalpel instead of a wrecking ball when it comes to our budget.

Its a smart line politically, thats for sure. Obama looked very mature for saying that we need a precise small instrument to wisely handle this situation. He painted the Tea Party as a bunch of drunks belligerently running with sledge hammers above their heads and carelessly knocking down all the walls in the room.

But as I watch the deconstruction of this parking lot outside my window I see power drills and wrecking balls, not precision surgeon scissors and scalpels. The job would never get done if we used those instruments. America is not financially stable enough where we need to only make minor adjustments and small cuts.

We don’t need more taxes, class warfare, and vague entitlement cuts. We are not some pristine sculpture that only needs to be sanded. At this point, America is like this broken up parking garage that I currently am staring at. We need to cut out all the government excess before we can invest and rebuild in a new building.

America need serious and meaningful changes to our entitlements programs, defense spending, and tax code. Obama has elected not to touch the tax code and social security. You want to know why? Because he can’t figure out a way to sell it politically. This president will never do anything without thinking about his poll numbers first (not like that has helped him recently).

Everyone knows it has to happen, so we need to equip ourselves with the right tools to get the job done. In the coming weeks we will see if Obama is ready to work with the right tools and work with Republicans to come up with something that isn’t dead on arrival in the House and isn’t a complete waste of time.