This is a fantastic article that a good friend of mine sent to me yesterday. I love the side by side comparisons of these two very controversial figures. Ironically, my very first article was something very similar.

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Anthony Weiner: Politics’ Bron Bron

The past two summers have not been kind to these two public figures.

Lebron James and Anthony Weiner know all too well what it is like to fall in the eyes of the public.They had everything any man could ever want, but their arrogance took them down, way down. It was their pride that made it so easy for us to root against the Miami Heat and to celebrate when the Congressman finally resigned. If only Mr. Weiner had followed basketball a little more closely, he might still have his job.

When Weiner first became a Congressman in 1999, Lebron James had just turned into a high school phenom, dubbed the supposed successor to Michael Jordan. In DC, Weiner was an up and coming political star amongst Democrats and worked his way up in many liberal circles. Meanwhile in Cleveland, Lebron immediately turned the once last place Cavs into a contender collecting a few MVP trophies along the way. Both men were successful, popular, and media magnets for generally positive reasons. All that changed last summer and continued to worsen these summer months; both remained media magnets but for all the wrong reasons.

Anthony Weiner always reeked arrogance and baby Bron Bron was constantly told only what he wanted to hear as a superstar in Akron. In the summer of 2010 these two men revealed their true colors for all to see and it wasn’t pretty. We all know about the now infamous  “Decision” PR stink bomb James brought upon himself. His self absorption knew no limits as he celebrated in Miami the next day while claiming that the Heat would “Not only win one, not two, not three… NOT SEVEN,” championships.

Weiner did not learn from “Lebum’s” delusions – he thought that he was bigger than the game – big enough to get away with this kind of public showboating. In fact, he would not by outdone by Lebron. Just a few weeks later Weiner followed suit by refusing to yield to the gentleman. Crazy Right! He broke all sorts of House protocol in what was supposed to be a one minute address to the House about giving healthcare to 9/11 responders, a noble cause. His tirade distracted from the bill, hurting his own cause. This prolonged rant earned him scorn from fellow representatives and negative media attention. The problem with arrogance is that its not easy to get rid of, it usually roars its head back in say… a year?

A year passed, both these men were hit hard but certainly not down for the count. It didn’t have to end this way for dear old Anthony. He could have learned from his NBA equivalent. It takes a lot of cajones err confidence, to say that your not putting your head down; to proclaim your life is still better than 99.99% of the rest of the world’s right after yet another collapse in the playoffs. Likewise, I am amazed by the audacity to send photographs of yourself to multiple strange women as an already controversial public figure. You see, it wasn’t Weiner’s wiener (I couldn’t help it) that brought him down but his equally sized ego. A Proverb my mother always quoted to me is brought to mind – pride comes before the fall – she was right. Well, that and “accidentally” tweeting pictures of yourself… Can’t wait to see how these two fare next summer!