Once again, it’s been proven that the Government can’t arbitrarily determine free-market winners and losers. In spite of Liberals’ desperate desire to push for a “Green” jobs-based economic recovery, ushering in a brave new era of a coal- and oil-free energy world where mankind lives in total harmony with nature and doesn’t so much as leave an intrusive footprint on the earth to evidence his existence, it just ain’t gonna be so.

Not yet, anyway.

Exhibit 1: The Solyndra Corporation. A supposed cutting-edge manufacturer of solar panels, their costs and basic business model were so flawed that over a year ago, they were accurately predicted to fail and run out of money in September 2011.

Yet despite more than adequate forewarning, the Obama Administration went forward with a half-billion dollar loan guarantee that’s now lost—and the U.S. taxpayer is on the hook for the entire amount. Worse, it’s now apparent that it was done for PR gain and to score cheap political points.

As a way of background, what free-market successes can the Government point to in the last 50 or 100 years? What does the balance sheet look like? FM radio? Color TV? Stereophonic sound? The CD player? The automatic transmission? The drip coffee maker? The 747 airliner? The CAT Scan machine? Lipitor? These and thousands and thousands of others in all fields of endeavor are the result of private industry taking a chance on a new market, using privately-generated profit dollars at their own risk in hopes of creating a market success that will deliver profit to the originating entity.

Is it cut and dried? Is Government help in the way of tax breaks or research grants sometimes part of the equation? Of course it is. But on the whole, the vast majority of great Western cultural-changing inventions and developments in the past century have come from private companies using mostly private capital in search of profits.

For the Obama Administration to declare that they—the U.S. Government!—will determine the course of what free-market energy sources will succeed and which will fail was folly from the outset. US consumers will determine—as they always have and as long as they’re allowed to—what they want to buy, whether it’s energy, flat-screen TVs or new cars.

Even the heavily-liberal Comedy Central covered the Solydra affair in an Obama-mocking fashion.

Nonetheless, the prediction here is that once this obligatory early-phase reporting of the matter by the MSM is over, the entire story will be dropped as quickly by the MSM as they can credibly do it, lest it becomes a distraction to their Obama cheerleading.

Any further follow-up reporting on the matter by Fox News or any mention of it by a Republican Presidential contender will be framed by the MSM as unwarranted “piling on,” and the blame will shift, predictably, to the messenger, away from the Liberal perpetrators.

The only exception to the above is if someone discovers proof of a dripping bloody knife being held by a very high-ranking Obama Administration official (that’s a metaphor, of course!), in which case self-preservation of reason-to-exist sets in, and the MSM will pursue that storyline to save their own relevance.

But absent the bloody knife, this story’s gone in short order.