Apologies that it took so long to get this clip posted. I know you were all constantly refreshing PD looking for it.


  • German Observer

    Nice, full and fairly black hair for a person of your age. Impressive!

    • Gary Russell

      And he’s still got most of his teeth, too!

  • Dodgers

    Does anyone remember how many strawpolls Paul won 4 years ago?

    • Brian H

      I remember he pulled out a victory in our middle school straw poll. Does that count?

    • Gary Russell

      Every steenkin’ one of them, I bet!

      • Gary Russell

        I bet he won enough straw to feed all of the cattle in Texas!

  • Dodgers

    Anyone who says Paul is running anything more than a message campaign should not be taken seriously on this blog or any other.

    • Brian H

      I’m not even sure what the message is. Is it that Iran should be allowed to acquire nukes? Is it that a fence on the Southern border is to keep Americans “in the country”? Is is that America has a military industrial complex? Is it that America was attacked by Al Qaeda because we have a base in Saudi Arabia? Is it that America is hated because we support Israel and defend Israel’s right to defend itself?

      Oh well…. I am sure the “message” is in there somewhere.

      • Troy La Mana

        It is that America should stop trying to make the world over in its image. I thought this country fought fascism and communism because they tried to do exactly that?

        You do realize that there is absolutely no reason to keep our troops based anywhere else but here? The technological gains since the SR-71 in the mid-sixties have made it possible to launch a strike from within our borders and take out said target within forty minutes.

        • Brian H

          “You do realize that there is absolutely no reason to keep our troops based anywhere else but here?”

          Actually, my military experience does not extend beyond playing Call of Duty a few times. I am not sure why an American presence in other parts of the world is necessarily a bad thing.

          Troops have to be stationed somewhere. Why should I care if there is a military base in Germany, Japan, or anywhere else where another nation is willing to house them?

        • Brian H

          America trying to make the world in its own image? Seriously?

          Sounds like the good ol’ imperial nation argument that is too often made by lefties. No nation in the history of the world has EVER demonstrated such restraint with such overwhelming power. No nation in the history of the world has used such power for overwhelming good as the American military has.

          If, by in America’s own image, you are referring to women not getting brutalized, people getting to elect a government, or the economic, social, and political liberation of hundreds of millions, then, I would hope, that even Ron Paul would support that.

    • Promise Kept

      To quote the editor’s Power Rankings under Paul, “Everyone knows the key for Paul will be to buck the trend of straw poll wins and money bombs and actually produce votes that count in a caucus or primary.”

      Yesterday, the California Straw Poll, brought yet another all too familiar result:

      Congressman Ron Paul (374, 44.9%)
      Governor Rick Perry (244, 29.3%)
      Mitt Romney (74, 8.8%)
      Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (64, 7.7%)

      (It takes the totals from the three runners-up to beat Paul by 8 votes!)


      Yesterday, also, a Constitution Day Money Bomb brought in nearly $900,000 in support of Ron Paul’s legitimate run for the highest office found in it.

      I’m not sure what you believe a “message campaign” is supposed to look like, Dodgers, but unless someone can come up with something better, this one looks to be winning enough to be taken seriously here, from a horse race perspective, as any other forum. Why would you believe that this will not result in caucus and primary voter advantages for Dr. Paul?

      Brian and Troy, you both have gone so far off topic from this thread, I’ll just leave this reply for the two of you, also.

      • David Kaiser, Editor

        Off topic? This coming from one of the the people we had to create a rule about making off-topic comments about!

        • Promise Kept

          About being on topic, David, I think if you remember right, I helped write that unwritten rule when I was taking other Paul supporters to task for making themselves look bad, and Paul to some degree thereby.
          I’ve never minded when Brian or Troy go off topic, because they represent themselves well that way. I just thought it would be better economy to try and steer the post back to Jason’s topic because, for one thing, we ought to honor the media attention he brought here with better writing focus.

          • David Kaiser, Editor

            Wow, did you invent the internet too?

            • Promise Kept

              Of course, but don’t tell anybody, please. I hate to have to deal with the paparazzi. :-)

      • Gary Russell

        Yet another “straw poll” blowout?

      • Dodgers

        “Why would you believe that this will not result in caucus and primary voter advantages for Dr. Paul?”

        Where you in a coma in 2008? Paul did the exact same thing, stacked and won the majority of the straw polls. Did it result in caucus and primary voter advantages for Dr. Paul?

        I don’t know. Ask John McCain, the GOP nominee.

  • Promise Kept

    It’s nice to see and hear you Jason, instead of reading only. I do remember Rob saying something like you quoted as a voice among the “ardent Paul supporters” here at the PD; but the only one I recall suggesting that this race may be the prep for Rand was you, though I may have missed where others agreed.
    I’ve never suggested that Ron Paul couldn’t win, and am more convinced than ever that he not only ought to win on his present course, but will likely bring together the best of all Americans, left, right, and center; to Restore the Republic that Republicanism has, for the most part, failed to uphold and defend against ALL enemies, foreign AND domestic.

    Since Brian K. was a bit snarky about Paul’s fence comment, I thought it would be appropriate to post again Judge Napolitano’s post-debate analysis, just to contrast these two former FOX radio show co-hosts.

    Watch who wins the Iowa Caucus goes this time. I’m still calling it definitely for Paul!

    • Promise Kept

      Oops, “goes” doesn’t go there.

  • Brian H

    Nice job, Jason.

    Any thoughts of how often you might be appearing to update the rankings on F&F?

    Is there a set time frame between rankings or do you adjust them as needed?

  • David Kaiser, Editor

    Nice work Jason, you didn’t seem a bit rusty!

    However, I have a sinking feeling that I will be having a nightmare tonight picturing you tucking Rick Perry into bed with milk and cookies.


    • http://www.politicalderby.com/ Jason Wright, Editor

      And that would be a first for you?

  • Joyce A (East of Eden)

    The Shake and Bake bag!! HAHAHAHA!!