Per usual, the news stations have been buzzing and the analysts have been arguing. The guys over on CNN have been trying to seem smarter than they really are and those over on Fox News have been as loud as ever. What’s it about this time though? Well, Republicans won two special election contests for Congress on Tuesday. The first election was not much of a surprise since it was  previously a Republican held seat representing Nevada’s 2nd district. The second seat, however, is of much more significance.

Our good friend Anthony Weiner will be replaced by Bob Turner, a Tea Party Republican who is staunchly against Stimulus II and blasted Obama repeatedly when campaigning. This is as ironic as it gets in politics. The pit bull of the Democratic party resigns amid a scandal and to replace him one of the most liberal districts in the country decided to elect a Tea Party guy with no political experience whatsoever over a liberal career politician.

The story has now come full circle. Sweet irony has given the Democratic Party its best shot and now they are trying to play down the results as much as possible…

“Special elections are always difficult: They are low-turnout, high-intensity races,” said Rep. Steve Israel of New York, chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. He says that these results from Tuesday night “are not reflective of what will happen in November 2012.”

I disagree. The 9th District of New York has 3 Democrats for every Republican. For those of us who aren’t so strong in math, that’s 75% of the voters in this urban district. This is an overwhelming victory for Republicans who haven’t held this seat since 1920. It’s been almost a century!

The basic fact is that this is a referendum on President Obama. These results come at the same time Obama’s job approval ratings have hit their all time lows. Only 37% of the population approves of how Obama has handled his reign as POTUS and 55% disapprove. Worse than all these numbers is the threat that Democrats may not be able to rely on the all important Jewish vote anymore thanks to Obama’s policies in the Middle East.

Scott Brown won his special election before a flood of new politicians came storming the steps of Capitol Hill. An army of Congressmen and women dressed in wigs and holding yellow flags with the words “Don’t Tread On Me” changed D.C. so quickly. These two victories look to be bringing more of that in 2012. Does this mean Obama will lose, not necessarily. Does it mean that the DNC should be worried? Yes. Is Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s curly hair going out of control from her anxiety over next year? Yes.