Is Romney heading down the same path as Clinton?

Perry is the new frontrunner in this Republican primary. There, I finally admitted it. I have been in some denial about Rick Perry for the past month. I would not believe that Perry could just walk into this race as the leader of the pack without having said a single word as a candidate. If I am in disbelief about this, how do you think Romney is feeling?

Mitt Romney has done everything right. He has waited his turn and past history suggests he should be rewarded this time around. The guy has improved as a candidate so much since four years ago and was leading by so many points just a few short weeks ago. Then comes this wild Texan, Perry, dancing into the race with a pistol in each hand and a smile on his face. Romney has fought back since Perry’s entrance into the race but you got to admit, it must be frustrating to watch some newcomer steal all your thunder.

Hilary Clinton is in her office right now shaking her head as she knows all too well about how upsetting a vibrant and energetic newcomer can be. Obama was Clinton’s headache. Hillary was the established candidate with overwhelming support from her party. Still, no matter how many attacks or ideas Hilary threw out there, Barrack just kept repeating three little words all the way to the White House. Romney has come out with a 160 page book of economic ideas, a comprehensive website with his platform on every issue, a money making machine of a Super PAC, and a list of endorsements as long as the unemployment lines these days. What has Perry done so far? Yet he is still winning…

Its certainly not even close to over for Romney though. He has held strong in every debate and has benefitted from the target being taken off his back now that Perry is the frontrunner. The odds are still favorable that Perry may slowly cripple from all the attacks and Romney coast to an easy victory one year from now just as Bill Clinton did.

Romney must hope that he is still in control. The worst nightmare for any candidate is to do everything correctly and still have no power over the polls. Romney has been fighting against Perry hard and has abandoned his lay low plan from a few weeks ago. Hillary looked helpless during the primaries when Barrack took over; will Romney suffer the same fate?