A popular and reoccurring SNL skit I enjoy has one character spit out the most ridiculous statements while her good friend laughs “Classic Pam!” in a high pitch voice. There is certain simplicity to SNL’s comedy that works, only, because you already know what is going to happen, yet it still seems fresh every time. I wish I could say the same about our President.

Last night I decided to watch the Obama speech from the comforts of my couch just like most Americans; And just like most Americans, I grew increasingly frustrated as Obama kept firing rhetoric throughout the entire speech with awkwardly placed interjections to make sure he told us that he really wanted to pass the bill. This plan (more like a vague speech) is classic Obama. He has overused this little skit and now it is no longer fresh. Did you all hear? He really really wants Congress to pass the bill … and quickly.

No matter how he tries to paint this bill, Obama is proposing another stimulus. He will try and sway conservatives by highlighting some tax cuts, but, in reality, let’s think about how ridiculous this plan is. He wants to find another 1.5 trillion to cut from our budget through this super committee because finding 2.5 trillion in cuts to agree to is just too easy of a job for this Congress. Spend now pay later – classic Obama. In case you didn’t remember, he expects to pass this bill right away. More speeches and smooth talk about our children’s education and visions of rebuilding America didn’t work before and will not work this time either. I am offended at our President’s lack of creativity. The guy was a star at Harvard Law but I guarantee you he probably failed his arts and crafts class in the 2nd grade. Classic Obama

With Obama we all knew he was only going to pull the same stunts, just like Pam from SNL. It is vintage Obama and I would not expect anything less of my POTUS. He got fired up and may have stirred some hearts last night but this morning I believe most Americans will see this as, to quote Obama himself, “more of the same in Washington.” Classic

P.S. Pass the bill