Rather than stopping the ever-increasing bureaucratic regulations clogging up business or proposing long-term solutions to provide businesses the operating certainty they so desperately desire, President Obama intends to propose another short-term plan of throwing money at his jobs problem. His plan also relies on increasing taxes in the future–when he isn’t up for reelection, of course!

With the economy struggling and his re-election campaign gearing up, President Barack Obama plans to propose a jobs package worth several hundred billion dollars, mostly in tax cuts, infrastructure spending, and direct aid to state and local governments, according to reports on Wednesday.

The plan’s price tag is roughly $300 billion, according to the Associated Press, Bloomberg News and CNN.

The man simply does not get it. The last time he threw money at the sluggish economy, the so called “stimulus” that he promised us would prevent unemployment from going above 8% was an utter disaster, resulting in nothing but money wasted. Now he wants a repeat but expects different results. This is the new “leadership” we are subject to from the Oval Office.