A rodeo clown wears some of the most garish outfits imaginable. But who would expect ordinary from someone who’ll willingly tease a 2000-pound bull that’s wearing a bucking strap around his groin? While unquestionably odd, the rodeo clown’s wardrobe is functional, which is more than can be said of Rep. Frederica Wilson’s (D-FL) attire. One glimpse of her costume will send a bull scrambling for his sunglasses.

Rep. Frederica Wilson — Congress Clown — playing the race card (My apologies for using an external link rather than inserting the video. I can’t seem to make it work. AH)

Western wear isn’t unacceptable congressional dress, nor should it be. The cowboy look is an integral part of Americana. But the Technicolor edition of a dude ranch reject is a step too far. Even if Rep. Wilson offered substantive solutions to the obstacles facing this country, in particularly the black community, it would be difficult to take her serious when she looks like a Dodge City pimp. Not to worry, Wilson offers nothing in terms of discourse. 

Rep. Wilson blames racism for high unemployment among blacks, especially young males. The least she could do is spout rhetoric as flashy as her wardrobe. Instead she plays the race-card, excuses irresponsible behavior, and promotes big government solutions to undesirable circumstances. In fact, big government is a chief contributor to the condition she laments. 

Government decided it was a good idea to establish a minimum wage without regard to market realities. However, employers can’t retain employees who produce less benefit than the cost of their employment. Therefore businesses are forced to dismiss underproductive employees, who are typically young and inexperienced. This reality is especially evident among young black men. Cost verse benefit is a simple economic concept, yet it’s lost on Rep. Wilson. 

Governments at all levels have complicated the business climate, making entry difficult. For instance, operating a taxi cab in an urban area is a viable service young black men could offer. Yet cab license fees can reach six digits. How many young men, of any race, can afford such an initial outlay? Similar obstacles face other young, black entrepreneurs. It’s not racism that erects these obstacles, it’s big government. 

Rep. Wilson ignores other factors limiting black economic success as well. No one forced young black men to adopt a rap culture that degrades women, devalues academic success, mocks the rule of law, and dismisses family responsibilities. Racism isn’t the source of a 70-percent illegitimacy rate among Black Americans. It was big government that replaced the black father, leaving young black men rudderless. Liberal policy has released generations of black men from their parental duties. 

Finding common sense in modern government is yeoman’s work. Representatives like Frederica Wilson only complicate the task. There’s no reason to take someone serious when they make less sense than a pantomime presentation and dress like the Phantom of the Grand Ole Opry. 

South Florida voters sent in this clown. Here’s hoping they’ll send her out again.