A guest submission from Rochelle Edvalson


I have heard a lot of conservative talk show hosts beating President Obama up for his most recent vacation. While I agree the timing wasn’t good, I also think this type of nit-picking is unfair. More than unfair, it’s silly. There is enough to be concerned about politically. So I am going to do something I rarely do- stick up for the President. I know, I know, it’s snowing in Los Angeles today. However, let us think about this rationally.

President Obama is, at this moment, the most powerful man in the free world, and probably on earth. It is by his decision that wars are declared. It is by is decisions that economies prosper or fail. (We can discuss those things separately.) Because he has the power to make such life altering decisions, and the responsibility, he also shoulders a great deal of stress. I know he signed up for the job, but that doesn’t alleviate the stress. Add to this that the man still has a wife and young children for which he is responsible. Its a tough place to be.

Taking all of this into consideration, I WANT the President to take a vacation. I WANT him to be well rested and to have a week or two to unwind. I want this, because I don’t want him to make poor decisions because of skyrocketing stress levels. We all make poor decisions when we don’t have enough rest. We all make bad decisions when we are under too much stress. But when the President makes a bad decision, we all suffer. I don’t particularly like the decisions this President makes when he is well rested and fresh, but when he is dog tired, and to look at him lately- he is.

Tired O

When he is dog tired, I can only assume that I will like his decisions even less. Additionally, as a mom, I have to agree that President or not, his children and his wife deserve some time with their father and husband. He may be the President to us, but he is Dad to them.

And a president pays for his own vacations, so conservatives, lay off. Let the man play a game of golf and have some ice cream with his kids.