The Libya bump


Filed Under Foreign Affairs on Aug 22 

With the rebels overtaking Gaddafi’s last stronghold in Tripoli, it seems as if the Administration’s numerous past predictions of “Gaddafi’s days are numbered” are finally coming true.

Here is another prediction that will come true: The Administration will trumpet Gaddafi’s exodus out of Libya as the ultimate example of this administration’s deft, nuanced, sophisticated handling of a sensitive foreign-affairs matter that ended up going in America’s direction.

In Iraq, George Bush’s ham-handed, contrived war of personal convenience was nothing more than a shallow attempt to cover himself in easily-achieved military glory while also providing a huge financial windfall to Dick Cheney’s former company, Haliburton, and giving the US the ability to exercise control over Iraq’s huge oil resources. We went in alone, acted unilaterally, and disgraced ourselves in the eyes of the world. Even worse, we lost over 4000 American troops on what was nothing more than a personal indulgence of President Bush’s. Our dalliance in Iraq also meant we took our eye off the ball on the “real war,” the War in Afghanistan.

What a contrast to the brilliance and sophistication of the eloquent, mellifluous President Obama.

He wisely let France and our other European allies take the lead in Libya. They flew the actual manned bombing missions. We provided logistical and tactical support, but no American lives were risked or lost.

The allies ousted a terrible dictator who’d threatened the region and created world-wide mayhem (like the downing of Pan Am flight 103 in 1988, which claimed the lives of over 200 Americans) for decades. America showed the world that we can be a force for good without being a bully, without claiming center-stage, and by engaging our allies around the globe.

This is the brilliance of the man we so fortunately elected President in November 2008. First, he kills Bin Laden, which his Republican predecessors were unable to do for 7 years. Now he shows the world how to get rid of a murderous dictator and bring hope to a country, its people and an entire world. We are fortunate indeed.

If MSNBC doesn’t run this story today, I’ll submit it to them myself.