Poll roundup


Filed Under Polls on Aug 18 

It’s been too long since we’ve done any poll roundups. The problem? There’s only one national poll available since Rick Perry’s entrance into the race.

Rasmussen: Perry 29%, Romney 18%, Bachmann 13%

So let’s shine up those crystal balls. First, what are your takeaways from Rasmussen. Second, how do you expect the numbers to look when more polls hit the streets and we begin to see more samples in the national averages? (RCP National Average as of today: Romney 20.2%, Perry 18.4%, Palin 10.0%, Bachmann 9.6%, Giuliani 9.3%, Paul 8.8%, Cain 5.0%, Gingrich 5.0%, Huntsman 2.2%, Santorum 1.8%.)