Anything that we do in our lives can be summed up to this: Life is like a market where everyone becomes a buyer or a seller. Every human to human relationship has this give and take. When you go on a date with that very attractive coworker you have had a crush on for over a year, you will do everything you can to impress that person. You are selling you to the other and hoping that they buy it. Likewise, when you go in for a job interview you will focus on selling yourself and your capabilities to the employer. In life we are all salesmen.

In politics this invisible market is made more apparent. Every politician must campaign and sell themselves and their message to the voters. In campaigns, though, candidates must combine selling themselves on a date with selling themselves on an interview. That is the trick, a politician is both dating and working for their constituents and the scariest thing for them is that they might get dumped or fired. Either way, if a candidate is boring or if he has a terrible record, they both lead to the same thing. It is an often volatile process that weeds out those candidates who simply can’t connect such as Tim Pawlenty.

I will be the first to say that while we all like to critique and judge campaigns as if we know best, it is extremely difficult to run a successful campaign. Sticking with the theme, I would compare a successful campaign strategy to being as difficult as dating your boss. That’s what you have to be able to do and 9 times out of 10 it doesn’t work. So who will be that one this year? Who will have successfully dated the American people so that they employ him or her? When we bring this election to its very core, its simply the candidate who proves that they can both date and work for the American people who will win out.

Out of the eight candidates on the Political Derby Power Rankings, four of the candidates need to focus their message on dating the American people because they have not fully connected yet. Even Romney who is the frontrunner is not selling his message effectively yet. He is leading now because fewer people are buying into Obama than they are him. On the other side, four other candidates have struggled proving their resume’ to the people. Perry and Bachmann both have questions about their record but have dynamic personalities that have given them name recognition.

Has a Problem Dating the American People

Has a Problem Interviewing with the American People

To win this race you must successfully sell both record and personality. Find me which of these salesmen could successfully date their boss and I will show you the Republican Nominee for 2012.