(Guest post from Gary Russell.)

My initial thoughts on the candidacy of Rick Perry are well documented. I’ve been accused of having a “man crush” for (soon-to-be) candidate Perry.

“Why?” you ask?

In perusing Daniel Bassali’s most excellent PD post concerning “The Front Runner Nobody Likes”, I came to the sudden conclusion that this race may likely come down to one key issue that is vital to our country’s very survival: Dogs.

Daniel briefly alluded to Romney’s “dog problem”, as related in this article: Romney’s Cruel Canine Vacation

Oh, the horrors! Conservatives, we cannot allow such a man to represent us! We must all unite behind a candidate who stands UP for our four legged friends.

Thankfully, our prayers have been answered! Rick Perry is the man.

Governor Rick Perry Defends Labrador Retriever, Shoots Coyote While Running

In late breaking news, Ron Paul has sold out to the powerbrokers of “Big Canine”: Ron Paul Dog Shirt