If you were to tune in to the media about the presidential primary you would get the impression that no one likes Mitt Romney. Conservatives don’t and Democrats don’t. Heck, I bet even his own family isn’t planning on voting for him. Every candidate has taken their shots at Romney and many conservatives are crying out for Ryan, Perry, and Christie to run just to defeat Romney. You might think that Romney is the incumbent Democratic President, not Obama. The Tea Party has called for anyone to win but him. So why all the hate and if everyone does despise the thought of Romney winning the nomination, why is he leading in every poll?
Reasons conservatives dislike Romney
1. He is deemed a flip- flopper
2. He doesn’t seem authentic and has no genuine personality
3. He isn’t conservative enough
4. Romneycare
5. He doesn’t come out firing bold statements like Cain and Bachmann do
6. He smells bad and he killed a puppy once (actually he didn’t but just for fun I googled this phrase and just so happened to find this)

Ok, so there are a lot of reasons why conservatives dislike the idea of a Romney nomination even though many of them are misguided. What about the second part of the question though? Why is he still winning? I believe it is because, so far, he is the only legitiMITT candidate. Romney appeals to establishment GOP and independents because he is a fiscally conservative, business savvy candidate with the economic know-how to turn this Bush-Obama mess around.
He can beat Obama; convince me of anyone else who can. He is ahead of Obama in the polls nationally and also in swing-state polls including in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, Nevada, and Virginia. Why is no one excited to see we have someone who can beat Obama? The Tea Party is going to shoot the conservative agenda in the foot and get in the way of itself if they put up a Cain, Bachmann or Santorum. It won’t even be fair; the Obama campaign will be popping the bubbly six months before Election Day. If Obama scorched McCain, a longtime influential Senator and war hero, then can you imagine what he would do to Herman Cain? The two gentlemen who share the same five letters in their last names will also share the same result in presidential elections, losing to Obama.
This isn’t a campaign speech. This is just a guy asking for some answers from his fellow conservatives.