Another debate is down. Some of the Republicans really went after each other, which was fantastic to watch. How would you rate the results?

I saw it this way:

Helped themselves
1. Gingrich
2. Perry
3. Romney

The civil war hurt
4. Bachmann
5. Pawlenty

Everyone else…meh
6. Hunstman
7. Cain

Why are you actually still in the race???
5,292,185. Jason F. Wright
5,292,186. Santorum
5,292,187. Kaiser


  • Jacosta

    Rob…NOT even touching that with a comment!!! LOL

  • Rob

    I’m actually starting to worry about Brian a little. He’s really gone over the deep end lately. Seeing Paul’s rise must be eating at his brain.

    • Brian H

      Yes, Rob. You are right. Paul’s glorious rise is really eating at my brain.

      Your psychological analysis is as solid as your political analysis. Keep up the great work!!

      • Rob

        And you’re trolling is as fail as your prowess at picking a horse to stick with.

        • Rob


  • JOE W

    I the words of Herman Cain, You need to learn to laugh a little.

  • Promise Kept

    Thanks for the indirect compliment, Brian. Sometimes the best that I get here at the PD is a lack of negative, rather than positive agreement. I’ve been through somewhat similar disappointments when anyone, “fellow traveler”, or not, goes off point or fails to communicate clearly.

    I think Dennis Prager said it best when he said that he, “prefers clarity over agreement”.

    I can only hope to appeal to conscience, theirs and yours; that we all care enough to up our game and: 1) respect our host who is paying the bills for this site to be here, and 2) stay serious enough to make our points succinctly, while keeping things humorous enough to soften the blows and help make our ideas and ideals worth remembering.

    • Brian H

      Well said.

  • Brian H

    Not sure what chunk of the debate Ron Paul drives anymore. Paul continues to diminish himself and drive less of the debate the longer he stays in. His fellow travelers continue to diminish themselves by their ridiculous displays of devotion to a single human being. In 2008 we laughed and mocked the fools who acted this way about Obama, yet, we pretend that Paul and his supporters are serious minded political activists and analysts.

    The fact that people like Rob and Joe place Paul atop of every debate, every issue, just shows such an extraordinary amount of un-seriousness on their part.

    Actually, Whodat and others in the PD community have long done the right thing by simply not acknowledging and engaging these people, as any thought of a serious exchange is never going to happen.

    I do have respect for a couple of PD Paul bloggers. I only wish they could see how the absurdities of some of their fellow travelers diminishes them and the issues they claim to care most about.

    • JOE W

      UM Brian Did you see how I rank them. Read the post. I love your rants. RAdio, What radio?

    • Troy La Mana

      If that is the case then why did Newt agree with auditing the Fed??

    • Joe

      How did I get lumped in with Rob?

      • Troy La Mana

        You didn’t, it’s a response to Brian.

  • Promise Kept

    “The debate winner may be arguable. Paul’s chance of being the Republican nominee might seem distant. But he’s driving a big chunk of the debate.

    And on Saturday, look for Ron Paul’s name at or very near the top of the straw-poll competitors.

    But, of course, he doesn’t really matter.”

  • Stephen Meehan

    Newt won the debate from a pure debate perspective, but Romney gained the most by not hurting himself while the other candidates who actually poll anywhere near him (aside from Paul and I’m not even going there) did. Though Newt helps his cause a lot, I don’t think he can catch Romney — it’s too little too late.

    • Promise Kept

      There is no need to apologize for, “not going”, anywhere you are uncomfortable with, Stephen.

      If, as I believe, fortune favors the humble, and the meek actually will inherit the earth, then hopefully we all will be on the best-decided side of THAT poll before, “it’s too little too late.”

  • Promise Kept

    The ABC affiliate that did the online straw poll indicated on the result page that he came in “1st – Ron Paul with 44% of the unique online votes”, meaning, of course, separate computer sources.

    Rep. Steve King told Matthews not to underestimate Paul’s five years of groundwork there.

    I’ve tried one of the claims of post-debate spamming after a FOX debate during the last election, by actually attempting to vote twice, just to show a friend that you’d get a message refusing the attempt. I know this legendary spam-monster strategy with be paraded as long as someone else believes it, but we’ll actually see who physically shows up in Ames, won’t we?

  • Jacosta

    Rob, I never said that R.P. lost….what I am saying, and it’s quite clear to the vast majority of political pundits, news journalists, anchors, and people visiting PoliticalDerby, Townhall, RedState, and Politico – that R.P. did not win! And, furthermore, it is a widely known FACT that a lot of R.P. supporters are spamming Websites to ramp up support for him by voting numerous times. This is dishonest and unfair and can create an illusion that he is more popular when in reality he’s not. People would take R.P. more seriously if his supporters weren’t as goofy as they are. The last election cycle, there were at least 3 polling Websites that banned R.P. from their list of potential Republican candidates because his supporters were unfairly spamming votes. It’s already been noted that they are doing the same thing – a small minute army with a loud voice does not make R.P. a major contender…and he will not even be close to winning the nomination, but will have to drop out like he did last time.

  • Promise Kept

    Chris Matthews frames a question as to the type of Republican who will “win this week in Iowa, and beyond.”

    Iowa Rep. Steve King gave a much different answer than Matthews expected;…hummm, we’ll see, eh?

  • Promise Kept

    Straw polls and caucuses are won by folks who show up. Debates are debatable to the bias views of the viewers. All the candidates on stage last night did pretty much as expected, with a few falters like the Bachmann/Pawlenty wrangling didn’t make T-Paw looks as good as he’d hope.
    The questions were generally fair, despite Newt’s objections. Now we’ll soon see how closely the straw poll reflects the unscientific post debate polls online.

  • Jacosta

    What is Rob smoking? R.P. won? Guess he didn’t really watch the debate and/or is ignoring reality.

    • Rob

      Yawn. You people are bores. Ron Paul stuck to his message and destroyed Santorum when he tried to talk smack. You think he “lost” because you disagree with him. Sorry that you’re one of the sheep and have no independent thought.

    • Gary Russell

      “What is Rob smoking?”
      Paul Malls?

      • Rob

        You’re a bore Gary. I won’t waste my time replying to you after this, as it’s clear you’re obsessed with me and can’t help but reply to me so I’ll make it easy for you.

        In the meantime, don’t you have another sociopath to worship?

      • Brian H

        Or perhaps simply….Mo-Rons

        • Troy La Mana

          I thought it was Mo-Rom-ney?

      • Brian H

        Gary. It is time to do the right thing and no longer engage these people. Believe me, I know how hard it can be. I need your support, buddy.

        • Rob

          You can’t resist Brian. It’s not like you make any actual informative posts on here – you’re a troll just like I am.

    • Brian H

      I believe reality is ignoring him.

      • Gary Russell

        I’m with you, Brian. Just couldn’t resist one more goodnatured poke. He is my favorite “sociopath”!

  • Rob

    Anyways for me:

    1. Paul
    2. Bachmann
    3. Newt

    The middle of the pack:
    1. Romney

    1. Santorum
    2. T-Paw
    3. Huntsman
    4. Cain

  • pdiddy

    the ron paul people on here are so ridiculous i almost feel bad for them

    they cheer pawlenty coming apart when at least he had a legitimate chance to win this thing

    not a single serious politico has ever thought ron paul could win the nomination this time or any time and he’s a joke to the majority of the party

    • JOE W

      Um No he didn’t. Come on, you guys know you have been talking trash since 2008 about Paul. we finally are getting our day. Who would of thought 6 month ago, based on Brian assesment that T-paw would be the first out? Now I said it before and I will say it again you have 2 choices you can hate on Paul or you can hate on Romney. so hurry up, pick a side so we can get it on.Oh, and by the way I think Romney will win the Primaries but Paul will change the platform. We Paulites love watching the conversions happen through educating people. I remember my own conversion after voting for Bush senior and first term junior. Gosh I would pretty believe anything.

      Romney was picked by the GOP to be there candidate the moment he stepped aside for John McCain. Don’t you remember how he wouldn’t even look @ McCain when he endorsed him. The reason Mitt smiles like he just smoked a pound of weed is that he already knows he’s the nominee. Just watch what happens to everyone of you on this blog with a strong feeling toward a candidate, you @ some point will vote for Romney. Just read whodats last sentence. Now here is a guy whom I think might be the smartest man of all on the blog and as conservative and passionate as he is they will make him pull the lever for Romney. 1 big fat game that makes you feel like you have a choice but end up always voting for the lesser of 2 evils. I say don’t do it. Brake the matrix. Don’t pass the Republican/ Democrate game to your children. Anyway, Brian could you hurry up and get on the Romney train so we can start debating again. I really miss you in this race.

      • Brian H

        Actually, Joe. If you has asked me six months ago who would likely bail out first, Ron Paul or Pawlenty, I would have said Pawlenty. You see, Joe. I understand and recognize that Pawlenty is a serious minded candidate who would, if evidenced by a lack of support, would bail out and begin supporting the nomination. Believe me!!! I never expect Paul to “bail out”. I have long stopped expecting irrational people to do rational things. In fact, I am not sure Paul has yet to bail out of the 2008 campaign. Are you?

  • pdiddy

    romney won because he didn’t lose

    newt was very solid probably reminded some people of how brilliant he really is, but can’t win nomination

    bachmann keeps crushing the palin comparisons, she’s a genius compared to palin and she’s going to be around a long time, but she can’t win nomination

    santorum was the surprise, second half of the debate he got it going and he showed people why he’s been successful in the past, more eloquent than people remember, but he can’t win either

    everyone else is in a big tie

    except for pawlenty, he was comically bad and you feel for him because he fits the profile, but he’s too bland

  • Brian H

    Really. Can at least Paul supporter admit how insane Ron Paul comes off in these debates. Regardless of whether yo agree with Paul’s positions, anyone who us being intellectually honest has to admit the aesthetics of Ron Paul are not good.

    • Rob

      You know your country is screwed when the truth is “insane” to some people. Anyone with half a brain understands that Paul was right on point.

    • Rob

      BTW, the most insane person on stage was Santorum. Dude wants to kill everyone who isn’t an American.

  • Whodat

    I could not call a “winner”. Bachmann was my favorite, but she was going in so I cannot be objective. By the same token, my lack of respect for Newtie taints my attitude on him – but he looked like somebody who came in with a chip on his shoulder and itchin for a fight – understandable at his poll strength. Huntsman was proud of his record and he can keep it, thanks. Cain was Cain and I wish him luck in his future endeavors. Santorum and Pawlenty could serve as bookends for old self-improvement texts – lots of good theories, but boring!!!!!!!!!! I am not sure if I could ever get used to Romney, but I think I better try…

    • Scott A. Robinson

      I cannot stand Newt. But you have to admit, he was absolutely fantastic.

  • rjlf

    Gingrich did well — sort of Ronald Reagan style debating. I don’t know that it makes him the winner though.

    Pawlenty’s first jab at Bachmann was strong and possibly valid, but then he overdid it — he came off as a jerk. You can’t attack a lady and win. Ask Clayton Williams who ran against Ann Richards for Texas governor.

    He’s not my pick, but Romney’s got this one in the bag just as I said he would month’s ago. The GOP almost always goes with the runner up from the previous presidential election.

    As for Perry — He’s the Fred Thompson of this race. People are making much of nothing where he is concerned. The minute he opens his mouth for all to here, people will realize how he just bluffs his way through as Texas governor. The only reason he is still governor of Texas is because conservatives in our state (Texas) won’t run against another conservative. Kay Bailey Hutchison’s pro-choice stance cost her the recent governor’s election.

  • Jacosta

    1) Romney
    2) Gingrich
    3) Bachmann

    I see Romney widening his lead, even continue leading after Perry jumps in. From here, Bachmann/Cain/Gingrich and Perry as potential VP’s….all others should start leaving the race and rally behind the one(s) that can beat NObama in 2012!

    • Brian H

      Cant wait to see the updated Power Rankings in the political Daily Racing Form.

      In my mind this has become a four horse field at the 1/4 pole. In this particular order…..

      Tier 1 Horses
      Romney – Still setting the early pace and has pedigree to finish if he can withstand the extra 5 lbs of Romney-Care.

      Perry – Late entry into the race has strong pedigree and expetced to run a good race, but would not be surprised if his expectations outshine his results.

      Bachmann – Lone filly in the race is setting up right off the pace. Don’t expect her bloodlines to be able to carry her through the length of this entire race.

      Tier 2 horses
      Newt – Old horse with past success. Terrible connections and handlers but ever so often shows signs of his strong pedigree. Could be laying off the lead and hoping the speed falls off

      Tier 3
      Pawlenty – Nice bloodline. Performed well in lower grade races but no traction in grade 1 Derby and is running a terrible race at the 1/4 pole. Likely won’t be able to make up lost ground. Expect to see this horse pull up soon. Done.

      Cain – Even his loyal fellow travelers have to be concerned with this horse. A fan favorite, this horse has clearly been entered into a race that is above his class. Done.

      Santorum – No traction and a much beaten horse in lower grade outings. Likely to spit the bit soon. Done.

      Tier 4
      Huntsman – Weak, Unknown, Unorganized. Why did he get into this race? Done.

      Tier 5
      Ron Paul – Not a Republican and crazy aunt syndrome. This horse is the one that acts crazy before entering the gate, is in a race WAY above his pedigree. Done.

  • Troy La Mana

    Perry jumping in does nothing for me. Palin jumping in wouldn’t do it for me either.

    As I have said before, Anyone from the Class of ’08 has zero chance.

    • Gary Russell

      Does that assessment include a certain doctor from Texas?

      • Troy La Mana

        Yes it does.

  • Troy La Mana

    Did Romney say anything that wasn’t a talking point?

    His defense of RomneyCare hurt him again.

    I like how Cain deflated the Fox panels attempt to make him look like a religious bigot.

    I loved how Newt took the panel to task for the questions asked but I still think he would serve better at State.

  • Daniel Bassali

    1. Gingrich – turned relevant in this debate, huuuge improvement
    2. Romney – solid answers with no major bluffs and screamed presidential. He was less awkward than in the past and again goes untouched. Expect his lead in the polls to grow
    3. Santorum – had a very busy second hour of the debate. He got a lot of chances to get his message out with people actually listening, a first for his campaign
    4. Bachmann – handled the tough (and sexist) questions with grace yet stood firm in her debates against the other candidates
    5 Cain – cleared up some of his previous comments but once again vague and with no direct plans to do anything. All fiery talk but I question more and more if he actually knows what it takes to be POTUS.
    6. Paul – brilliant ideas with logical reasoning behind them but once again comes off as a crazy babbling old man who is slightly off his rocker. He needed to prove he could represent the mainstream and tea party GOP but instead came off more libertarian than ever.
    7. Huntsman – blah. First debate and he threw it away. No major mistakes but absolutely nothing to distinguish himself. I forgot he was even on stage for this debate.
    8. Pawlenty – catastrophe. Utterly moronic for him to attack so many candidates on the same night. Absolutely no message; he was bland and boring when he was not arguing. Worse than all that, he didn’t even appear to win the fights that he picked. Came off as desperate, strictly political, and absolutely un-presidential.

    Lets see how Perry does in Orlando. This race is really getting interesting and all of the candidates performed much better today than in their previous debate… except Pawlenty

  • http://deleted JoeW

    1. Bachman
    2. Newt
    3. Paul

  • http://deleted JoeW

    Wow, I didn’t think T-paw could get any worse. He was so bad in the last debate that they asked him the same question. He was terrible. Brian next time you pick a horse make sure it has 4 legs. Did you watch the end of the debate when Bachman flinched like she was going to hit him and he fell on the floor. LOL

    • Brian H

      Thanks for the handicapping advice, Joe. The good news is that at least my horse beat one one other horse in the race, the completely absurd babbling lunatic that is the Helen Thomas of Presidential candidates.

      My horse is done. Out of the gate and at the 3/4 poll my horse has spit the bit and is 20 links behind. But, if it makes him feel any better, The Ron Paul horse is still banging his head on the starters gate.

  • Brian H

    No room for Palin in this race. Bachmann is a smarter Palin.

  • Brian H

    Debate race results.

    1. Gingrich. Winner – lives another day.
    2. Romney. Place – Presidential
    3. Bachmann. Show – Passionate

    4. Pawlenty – Looks like he is ready to call it over.
    5. Cain. – Not ready for prime time…..
    6. Santorum – Tried to make himself relevant. Air time hurt him.
    7. Hunstman – Still nobody cares.
    8. Paul – Unhinged and would have less chance of winning the GOP nomination than I would.

    Summary. Now a 4 horse field….in this order.

  • Steph

    1. Romney
    2. Newt
    3. Bachmann

    Though I like Bachmann. And Jason Wright should totally get out of the race, I didn’t hear anything from that guy. On the other hand, Kaiser sounds like he has potential.