Arguments persist over just how America arrived at insolvency’s precipice. There may not be a single reason, program, agency, policy, or bureaucracy to shoulder the entire blame. The fact that we’re here is the culmination of a methodical, long-term process. However, there’s one culprit that is central to nearly all government expansions, and thus to our fiscal deterioration. It’s one that every productive member of society from the street sweeper to the CEO should blame . . . the bum.

A bum is everything the name implies, from irresponsible slacker to societal parasite. However, America is afraid to blame bums for their lowly condition; it’s politically incorrect. People who were yesterday’s bums, loafers, and freeloaders are today’s disenfranchised and less fortunate. They are the losers of life’s lottery, relegated to poverty because someone else stole a disproportionate share of America’s prosperity. 

Thank God for television’s Judge Judy. She isn’t afraid to blame the bum for being, well, a bum. Her public courage has earned my respect and gratitude. She should earn yours, too. Watch the video and you’ll agree:

Judge Judy is 100-percent correct in her assessment of both the plaintiff and defendant. The two parties in this case exemplify greed in its purest form, the “me” attitude that hampers America’s economic growth and leads to fiscal insanity. Their general disdain for self-sufficiency reflects the core of the entitlement mentality. One sues to collect rent that she herself never paid. And the other considers government grants and subsidies a birthright. These two people, and millions like them, are drains on society, contributing nothing while believing themselves entitled to their heart’s desire. 

According to a quote attributed to economist Arthur Laffer, “When you tax something you get less of it. When you subsidize something you get more of it.” Liberal politicians have done a thorough job of taxing productivity and subsidizing unproductiveness. Therefore they have generated an ever-increasing segment of the population with no compunction about living off the production of their neighbor, as the two people in Judge Judy’s court demonstrate. And Judge Judy wants to send the aforementioned video to Congress, as if most members care? 

Congress, through 40-plus years of various welfare, entitlement, and Not-so-Great Society programs, created the parasites in her courtroom, people who believe they’re entitled to enjoy life’s necessities, pleasures, and perks at someone else’s expense. Such entitlement parasites are the liberal voting base, and an exponential expense to the rest of us. Not only has the entitlement mentality become a drain on federal revenues, it has deprived the marketplace of what the entitlement recipient would’ve otherwise produced. We lose on both counts. 

Go ahead and send the video Judge Judy, with my blessings. But frankly, you’re wasting your stamp.