Vice President Joe Biden sticks his foot in his mouth so often that he’s developed athlete’s tongue. The news flash comes when Biden doesn’t say something eccentric, unpredictable, or just plain stupid. So it was no great revelation to hear he’d accused Tea Party Republicans of behaving like terrorists during the debt limit debate. It’s also no surprise that he denied making the comment that everyone within earshot clearly heard. 

That’s just Joe being Joe, right? He has a long history of uttering inanities at the worst possible moment. Sometimes his gaffes unintentionally reveal hidden truths. While Biden was merely blowing his usual hot air with his “terrorist” comment, Rep. Mike Doyle (D-PA) can’t make the same claim. He pulled a “Biden” in the same meeting, and inadvertently revealed a not-so-secret truth about Washington politics. 

Doyle also called congressional conservatives — unquestionably an endangered species — terrorists. But he went a step farther, revealing far more about the D.C. mindset, and the Democrat Party, than he intended. Opined Rep. Doyle, “This small group of terrorists have [sic] made it impossible to spend any money.” 

Impossible to spend any money? If that doesn’t summarize the bedrock problem in both Washington and the Democrat Party, what does? The United States faces annual budget deficits of more than $1.5 trillion, a national debt at 98-percent of GDP and growing, unfunded liabilities (SSI, Medicare, etc.) in excess of $114 trillion, and a reduction in our credit rating. Those realities should offend everyone. But a politician complains about the possibility of not spending the taxpayer’s money. No wonder America’s fiscal house is in such disarray. 

Of course, you can blame Republicans for overspending, too. And you’d be right. But for Republicans, overspending is born of cowardice. They’re afraid of being blamed for cutting a favored program, or of receiving unfavorable press. Therefore, they sacrifice genuine Republican principles on the altar of federal largess. For Democrats, spending doesn’t result from cowardice; it’s an addiction. 

Ironically, Doyle’s comment is completely bogus. Tea Party supporters aren’t terrorists and they haven’t made it impossible to spend money. In fact, the day hasn’t been invented when Washington experienced difficulty spending. Running a deficit? Spend some money. A recent debt ceiling increase? Spend more money. Demonize your enemies, perhaps by calling them terrorists? Spend still more money.

 Theoretically, Doyle’s intent was to demonize the few conservative Republicans that still remain in Washington. But he has committed a “Biden.” While attempting to slander a political opponent, Doyle exposed his party’s soul, and that of Washington overall. Politicians live to spend and spend to live. They are drawn to the next federal program like a heroine addict to the next injection. Mike Doyle has affirmed the obvious; being a Democrat is to scorn fiscal discipline and financial restraint. If only fewer Republicans shared his view.