Liberal accountability


Filed Under Policy on Aug 5 

In all the disputes and arguments over the economy, we never get a clear, unequivocal impression on where liberals stand–specifically–on Obama’s handling of the economy and the efficacy of his policies. It’s clear they feel that President Bush caused the problem that Obama “inherited,” but it’s not clear how they feel Obama has handled things.

What is their view of the Stimulus, and how do they explain the still-disappointing job and unemployment numbers?

What do they think of his pushing Obamacare first instead of concentrating on jobs?

What do they think Obama should do about jobs and economic growth or do they think his policies are perfectly-chosen, just give them a little more time, we’re headed in the right direction?

Most liberals (I know I’ll get in trouble for that one!), obviously don’t feel that Obama “owns” this bad economy yet; they cling to the belief that it’s all Bush’s fault and as long as it takes to turn around, it is still all Bush’s fault. But when it does turn around (assuming it ever does), they will give Obama all the credit and never say that if his policies had been different, things would’ve improved sooner, and to a greater extent.

So, a specific question, to which I’d like a specific answer: How long before the bad economy is “Obama’s”?

If it’s still bad next spring, 3 1/2 years after the 2008 election, is it Obama’s then?

If it’s still bad by Election Day in 2012, is it his then?

Or is it never Obama’s bad economy?

What in your opinion constitutes the end of the “bad economy”? What numbers: Unemployment, GDP growth, unemployment weekly claims, gas pricing, etc. We need to know your benchmarks for saying “The economy is no longer bad.” When it reaches what numbers?

So, to all the Obama-supporting Liberals out there, I’d like specific feedback on

1. His economic policies
2. What, if anything, he could have done better/differently (And no weasel answers like, “He could have had better Republican cooperation.” I mean what in your opinion are the specific policy changes he could have made to better effect, or do you think they’ve all been perfect?)
3. When he owns the bad economy, if ever.
4. What numbers are ‘bad,’ and what numbers are ‘good,’ so we’ll know what you mean and we can track it.

These are lots of specific questions. Liberals generally don’t deal in specifics. They usually turn the questions back on the questioner and then attempt to shift the basis of the discussion so that they remain unaccountable.

Surprise me. Give me the policy evaluation. Give me the numbers. Be accountable.