“Hooray! We saved the country one trillion dollars in spending cuts! Now lets go on vacation and forget about the billion dollars we will be losing this month because we couldn’t agree on 13 million in FAA subsidy cuts. That seems smart.”

After crying for the past month about the need to get more revenue into our budget, Democrats in the Senate decided not to vote on the bill to put 4,000 furloughed FAA employees back to work AND allow the government to collect revenue from flight taxes worth 200 million dollars a week. Meanwhile Obama says his priority now is jobs. Could this situation get any more disgusting? Oh yeah, Harry Reid told the media yesterday that he planned to have a vote before the August recess to resolve this situation. I guess he was too busy packing his sunscreen for the Nevada sun to get around to it.

Its just too easy… its not even fun anymore to point out all the flaws in this Senate.

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