So much for civility. The very same people who called for more civil politics just a few months ago are now comparing Congressional leaders to terrorists. Worse than that, they haven’t apologized for it and many of them won’t even call actual terrorists that! Let me be as clear as possible, Joe Biden’s remarks about the Tea Party are unacceptable and they spit on the memory of the six (including a judge, a staffer, and a beautiful little girl) who were shot and killed in Tucson for serving their country. The Vice President’s vile comments occurred on the same day that Congress finally got some inspiration from Rep. Giffords’ return to the House that united the two parties in a standing ovation for seven minutes.

This is insanity. This week the Tea Party has been referred to as hostage takers, terrorists, and drug addicts. I will not go on and on about how anytime a conservative accuses a liberal member of seeking after a socialist agenda the left raises up their arms in protest. I only wish to remind Biden of what his boss said to the country in January. Joe, you are Vice President of the most powerful country in the history of the world, act like it. You aren’t some far left television show host on MSNBC or even a liberal Representative who has no risk of losing his seat in a staunchly Democratic district. You are the Vice President of a nation filled with Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and yes… even those in the Tea Party.

We all know Biden isn’t the best with words. Obama has been hiding him from the media to avoid incidents like this. On the campaign trail Biden was a gaffe machine and becoming the number two guy in the country didn’t magically change that. It’s ironic that the President is now doing exactly what he criticized McCain for doing during the election, hiding the incompetence of his running mate by locking him, or in the case of McCain her, up in a dungeon somewhere for no one to find. So back to your room Joe! America is tired of hearing ridiculous partisan name calling. We deserve better, we deserve civility.